NMAT 2019 Exam Date Notification

NMAT Exam 2019

Exam window for NMAT 2019 – 4th October 2019 to 17th December 2019.

Window for registration for a re-exam for NMAT 2019 – 5th October 2019 to 14th December 2019

For further information visit www.nmat.org.net.

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NMAT 2019 Exam Date

NMAT by GMAC is a competitive exam conducted to aid business schools in recognizing the most skilful and intelligent students from those aspiring to become leading mark makers in the field of business. It is conducted by the very organization that conducts GMAT exam. It is a computer-based test from the year 2009. It has nearly the highest number of women and non-engineers appearing for this examination.

You have to apply for NMAT examination online. The forms are available on the date allocated for registration. The payment for the same also must be made online using your credit or debit card or through bank NEFT. Here are the important dates for you to be able to apply for this particular entrance examination to secure admission in the business school of your choice.

NMAT 2019 Important Dates:







 Online registration  2nd July 2019  3rd October 2019
 Scheduling of exam  2nd July 2019  16th October 2019
 Late registration  4th October 2019  14th October 2019
 Registration-retake  5th October 2019  14th December 2019
 Re-scheduling  2nd July 2019  14th December 2019
 Retake-scheduling  5th October 2019  14th December 2019
 Exam date  4th October 2019  17th December 2019
 Announcement of result    3rd week of January 2020
Downloading of the official scorecard


 31st March 2020

The above table indicates that the candidates are given a total of three opportunities to register for this examination. As for the year of 2018, the exam has already been conducted. For the year 2019, this table will help you to roughly get an idea when to anticipate the beginning of registration process.

Another highlight of this particular exam is that it ensures that exam is conducted on different days. It is based on the day of your registration. Use the above information to your advantage to prepare for the upcoming exams.