TAPMI final placements 2010: Regular recruiters drive 60% of recruiting

16 Mar, 2010

TA Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal reported having placed its 172-strong batch of 2010, with 60% of the recruiting (103 offers) driven by regularly visiting companies including Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro Group, ICICI Bank, TVS Group, UB Group, Citi Group, Idea Cellular and Titan.

In a rather 'lean' press release with more jubilant quotes of students than comprehensive data, TAPMI informed that 10% of the recruiters were FMCG companies. "Around 80% of the students were placed in a matter of three days in the placement week which commenced towards the end of December 2009. A total of 58 companies participated in the placement process this year, an increase of almost 50% over last year," said the institute press release.

"This year also saw the return of Corporate Finance, Treasury and Equity Research roles being offered on campus, an all time high of eight public sector banks participated in addition to the regular finance recruiters," it added.

The institute reported a median salary of Rs 7 Lakhs.

Edit: 60% of the placements are driven by regular recruiters which include the nine companies mentioned in the first paragraph, and not only the nine companies. This was an error on my part and is regretted.

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-  @DEVILISHANGEL  ·  15 Apr, 2010
Although I also think that Marketing is TAPMI's best bet but I checked in Some profiles and people form 08 and earlier batches have got very very good finance profiles across the top companies in the industry. Infact I saw some guys in Nomura as w...
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@JonyDangerously @JonyDangerously  ·  12 Apr, 2010
Viraj, I get your point. We also feel that TAPMI deserves more as an institution with strong basics in place. Anish, Mktg and HR are great here yes. Mktg is definitely our strongest point. But don't leave out on Ops, Finance and Systems. Abo...
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