No negative marking in SRMJEEE 2017

26 Nov, 2016

Approximately 1.9 lakh candidates appeared for the Joint Engineering Entrance Exam (JEEE) in 2016. JEEE is the gateway to engineering, and medical courses at the Sri Ramaswamy Memorial (SRM) University, Chennai. As per the information brochure released on SRM University’s official portal, there will be no negative marking in SRMJEEE 2017. Earlier, 1 mark was deducted for every wrong answer in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM), and 0.75 mark in Biology (B). 

The total marks for SRMJEEE 2017 is 315, equally distributed in PCM/B. For candidates taking PCM, there will be 35 questions for each subject where every correct answer is worth 3 marks, and for those selecting Biology, there will be 50 questions where marks per question are 2.1. The duration of the exam is 2.5 hours. Candidates must note SRMJEEE 2017 is a computer-based exam, and the question paper is only in English language.

Candidates can visit the official portal to register and book a slot for SRMJEEE 2017.

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