IBSAT Syllabus 2021

IBSAT 2021 Syllabus

There is no specific syllabus for IBSAT as ICFAI foundation did not release any official syllabus for it. But, this would not be an issue. Since we know the exam pattern, we can prepare accordingly. Moreover, the nature of examination is akin to CAT. So, the strategy followed for CAT can also be utilized. Hence, the candidates who are preparing for IBSAT can also appear for CAT. Based on the previous year question papers, the following syllabus had arrived.

Topic Sub topic
Quantitative aptitude
  • Time-Speed-Distance
  • Number system
  • Discount
  • Probability
  • Percentage
  • Profit and Loss
  • Average
  • Arithmetic progression
  • Allegations and mixture
  • Algebra
  • Mensuration
  • Quadratic and linear equations
  • Installment payments
  • Time and Work
Verbal Ability
  • Replacement of missing words
  • English Usage
  • Incorrect words
  • Para jumbles
  • Syllogisms
  • Punctuation
  • One word Substitution
  • Analogies
  • Vocabulary
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Different use of same word
  • Sentence completion
  • Idioms
  • Contextual usage
  • English Grammar
Reading Comprehension
  • Questions will be given based on the paragraph
Data Adequacy and Data Interpretation
  • Pie Charts
  • Statements and Conclusions
  • Bar graphs
  • Cause and Effect
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Tables
  • Logical reasoning
  • Graphs representing area
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Assumption-Premise-Conclusion
  • Visual reasoning
  • Venn Diagram
  • Column graphs
  • Line Charts
  • Matrix arrangements
  • Data Interpretation


For the syllabus mentioned above, you can find a number of books. But, it is important to select the books which suit your requirements. The concepts in the book should be clearly explained and easy to understand. It should also be easily available either in stores or online.

You will be getting a lot of notes from various coaching institutes. Getting a lot of material for the same topic would confuse you. It is always suggested to follow a single source. There are also chances that you might not get a single book which covers all the topics. In such cases, you can have additional sources. The books with a lot of examples and practice questions would help you more.

For a better preparation strategy, mark the important formula and rules in the book which would help you in quick revision. If you have enough time, you can also make separate notes. But the notes should be made in a legible manner to avoid confusion while doing the revision.

Some of the standard books are given below:

Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Quantitative Aptitude by Abhijit Guha
  2. Quantitative Ability by Nishit Sinha
  3. Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Agarwal

Verbal Ability

  1. Business English and Communication by Clark
  2. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  3. Mastering the Verbal Ability for CAT by Ajay Singh
  4. Objective General English by R.S.Agarwal

Data Interpretation

  1. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning by Arun Sharma
  2. Data Analysis and Interpretation Data Sufficiency by Kiran Prakashan
  3. Logical and Analytical Reasoning by Ashok Gupta
  4. Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning by Pearson Publication

Reading Comprehension

  1. Verbal Ability and Comprehension for various exams by Bharat Patodi and Aditya Choudary
  2. How to prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay
  3. CAT verbal ability and reading comprehension by Gautam Puri
  4. 30 days to a more powerful vocabulary mass market paperback by Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis/ Simin and Schuster