GMAT Result 2021

GMAT Exam: Available year-round.

Mandatory gap of 16 days between two attempts. No more than 5 attempts in a span of 12 months.

Maximum Attempts: 8 (lifetime)

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GMAT Score Reports - Unofficial and Official

#1 – Unofficial Scores immediately after your GMAT

Immediately after you take the GMAT, you will be able to view your Unofficial Score Report. This contains your Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, and Total Scores. The AWA Section will not be a part of this report.

You will have 2 minutes to accept or cancel this score. If within 2 minutes you do not accept it, it will automatically get cancelled. Hence, it is best to have a pre-determined target score to enable a quick decision.

If you do not immediately cancel your score, but later decide you wish to cancel it – you will have a window of 72 hours after the test to log on to and cancel your score for a fee of ($25). Similarly, you can reinstate a previously cancelled score for a fee of ($50) within a 4 years and 11 month window. 

What does ‘Cancelling my GMAT’ score mean?

  • Cancelling your score wipes all records of this score.
  • To colleges, this score will not appear at all. It is as though you did not take this test at all.
  • The scores from this GMAT sitting will not be sent to the colleges.

#2 – Official Score Reports

Your Official Score Report will be available to you within 20 days of the exam date. This will contain your sectional scores, analytical writing score, total score and also your GMAT Percentile Ranking, personal data provided at registration, and scores from your previously taken GMAT exams (within the past five years).

GMAT will notify you when your score report is available via email.

This official score report will be made available to the 5 colleges you have selected at the test centre automatically. for free (it is covered by your GMAT Registration Fee).

If you wish to send this report to additional colleges, you can purchase additional score reports at a fee of ($35 per additional report).