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Scam of GST..... Fight for better INDIA

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GST world rates australia ----10% Bahrain -----5% Canada -----15% china---------17% japan --------8% Korea ------10% Kuwait -----5% Malaysia ----6% Mauritius -----15% Mexico ----16% Myanmar----3% New Zealand ---15% Phillipines ---12% Russian federation--18% Singapore 7% South Africa ---14% Thailand ---7% UAE-----5% America (usa). ----7.5% Vietnam ----10% Zimbabwe ---15% Greatest India---28% (and for petrol & diesel we are paying separate tax of 33%) Forwarded as received Read all msgs please PETROL PRICES AROUND D WORLD Pakistan. Rs 26.00 Bangladesh Rs 22.00 Cuba Rs 19.00 Italy. Rs 14.00 Nepal. Rs. 34.00 Burma. Rs. 30.00 Afghanistan. Rs 36.00 Sri Lanka. Rs. 34.00 INDIA. Rs. 73.00 What a great job by the GOVT. Of INDIA !!!!!!!! PASS THIS MESSAGE TO ALL INDIANS. We have a wonder country Where pizzas delivery Reach before ambulance And Car Loan is 7% and Education Loan Is 12%.. Where rice is Rs. 40/kg and Sim card is given free By the govt. They worship Durga god mother And murder.when a baby girl is born Where olympic gold medalist (Gold medal) Given 3 crore And another medalist who Sacrifice his life Figting terrorist in the border Is given rs 1 lakh Really india is amazing..... Every body should read this Message​ it should reach to PM modi Wake up india wake up.. Forward to all INDIANS:-) Jai HIND.. It wont take even Rs forward this message Forward this sms please .....

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