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 Jump  Start Manufacturers-4 Things About Car Batteries   1  Density "Ning small, not big"
Some  drivers believe that the higher the electrolyte density, the lower the discharge  degree of the battery, the higher the terminal voltage of the battery, the  greater the charging capacity, and can prevent the electrolyte from freezing in  winter, and can freeze the battery to regulate electrolysis. In the liquid  density, not only the density of the original electrolyte is higher than the  specified value, but also the addition of distilled water in normal use is also  used to add some electrolytes of different densities, resulting in higher and  higher electrolyte density. In fact, this method is very wrong.
Electrolyte  density is an important indicator to measure the degree of battery discharge.  Based on the premise that the original electrolyte density has been determined.  Adding electrolytes of different densities means only increasing the density of  the original electrolyte, even the measured electrolyte density. The higher is,  the lower the degree of discharge is; increasing the density of the electrolyte  can increase the battery's voltage and charging capacity. In contrast,  increasing the density of the electrolyte can increase the electromotive force  of the battery and increase its terminal voltage and charging capacity. On the  other hand, if the electrolyte density is too large, the viscosity of the  electrolyte increases, and the internal resistance increases, which reduces the  permeability of the electrolyte, which in turn causes the voltage and charge  capacity of the battery to decrease, and the density of the electrolyte is too  large, which may cause The plates are vulcanized and cause various problems,  such as corrosion of the separator, which shortens battery life. 2.  Ignore the inspection of electrolyte
The  battery electrolyte level should be checked regularly. If the electrolyte is  insufficient, the upper plate will be vulcanized in contact with the air, which  will reduce the charging capacity of the battery and shorten its service life.  Usually, it is checked for half a month in winter. In summer, high temperature  water evaporates easily and should be checked once a week. The liquid level of  the electrolyte is usually 10mm-15mm higher than the plate protection net. The  lower limit is marked, so the electrolyte level should be within the specified  range. Although it is not necessary to add distilled water during use, it should  be checked during the daily maintenance of the vehicle to check the electrolyte  level. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be adjusted.
3.  The electrolyte level is "condensed high not low"
Some  drivers often use the wrong method of "higher than lower" when filling the  battery with electrolyte or adding distilled water. The electrolyte level is too  high. During the driving of the vehicle, the electrolyte can easily leak from  the ventilation holes and corrode the pole, resulting in poor contact or early  damage to the pole. The electrolyte accumulated on the battery cover connects  the positive and negative columns to form a circuit, thereby discharging the  battery itself. At the same time, the electrolyte level is too high, which will  cause excessive pressure inside the battery. In severe cases, the battery will  explode.
4.  Add at any time
In  the routine maintenance of the battery, when the electrolyte is insufficient,  usually distilled water should be added. However, sometimes the electrolyte is  reduced due to cracks in the battery case or cracks in the electrolyte pores.  However, some drivers usually do not pay attention to distinguishing the damage  of the battery casing or other reasons, which are caused by electrolyte leakage  or normal loss. As long as the electrolyte level is reduced, distilled water is  added, resulting in a significant decrease in electrolyte density. Make the  battery not work properly. Some drivers often add distilled water after picking  up the car. As a result, the added distilled water cannot be fully mixed with  the original electrolyte of the battery, which easily causes the battery to  self-discharge or damage the battery plate, and the battery may partially freeze  in severe cold areas. . Phenomenon, affecting the service life of the battery.  On the other hand, if distilled water is added to the battery before the vehicle  is taken out, since the generator continuously charges the battery while the  vehicle is running, the added distilled water can be fully mixed with the  original electrolyte in the battery, and the battery performance is not  affected. Therefore, distilled water should be added before leaving the car, and  it is recommended not to add distilled water after the car is  running.   Linsheng    is  a professional    Jump Start Manufacturers  .  Provide high-quality quick-start car service. Our quick-starter has multiple  safety protection designs, which can ensure zero defects, and can achieve  high-power polymer batteries, fast charging, low self-discharge and other  advantages. Whether you choose the current product from our catalog or seek  engineering help for your application, you can contact our customer service  center to understand your purchase requirements. https://www.linsheng.com/product/jump-star     

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 Emergency  Light Manufacturers -LED Emergency Lighting: Cost-Effective Lamps   Commercial  emergency lights are an important part of building fire safety because they  provide lighting when other lights fail. In the event of a fire or power outage,  the main power supply may be disconnected, and the building needs a backup  emergency light to ensure personnel safety. Choosing LED emergency lights is an  excellent decision, because LED lights can bring many benefits to buildings,  occupants and building owners.
LED  emergency lights are cost-effective lights on the market because they have a  longer lifespan than ordinary lights. When choosing an emergency light, cost  will be a factor, but please note that it is not only the original price that  needs to be considered. Most of the cost of lighting comes from operations, so  it is crucial to consider the annual operating costs. Commercial LED lights are  usually more expensive than other lights at first, but because they have a  longer service life and lower operating costs, LED emergency lights can actually  save you money in the long run. durable
Since  emergency lights should continue to be used in any type of emergency, they must  be durable and able to be used in harsh conditions. LED lights can be used  continuously under any environmental conditions, whether it is cold or high  temperature. Although the performance of other lights may vary depending on  temperature and conditions, LED emergency lights are not affected and are also  resistant to vibration and shock. Lasting  and efficient
LED  lights will last a long time, which is essential for emergency lights to be in  operation at all times. The life span of LED lamps can be as long as 100,000  hours, which is much longer than other lamps on the market. All emergency lights  require annual maintenance and inspection, but they will last a long time before  they need to be replaced. In addition, LED lamps operate at lower temperatures  and generate more energy, so they have high energy efficiency.   Linsheng is  a professional      Emergency Light  Manufacturers    in China. Production of emergency lights,  spotlights, car jumps, etc. We can provide you with high-quality electrical  products. Welcome to buy: https://www.linsheng.com/    

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 Jump  Start Manufacturers-Jump Starter Selection Guide       Often,  jump starters are the key to helping cars get back on the road. So, which jump  starter do you want? With all the options, it can be difficult to choose,  especially if you are just learning the jump starter. This is where this guide  comes from: helping you understand the key factors in buying an entry-level  starter
1.  The type of jump starter you want
The  first thing to decide is which type of starter you want. There are three basic  types of equipment for jump starters. The first is a set of jumpers, the second  is a battery charger, and the third is a portable jumper starter. The third is  what we will focus on in this guide because they are the most convenient, safe  and affordable. But from there you have to choose the portable jump starter you  want, which can complicate things a bit.
2.  Money you want to spend
The  first thing you might decide is how much to spend on a portable jump starter.  The budget you have will determine a lot of what you get about starting a  starter-size, function and overall quality. Unless you do get value out of it,  you shouldn't spend extra money on a jump starter, but don't find the cheapest  thing out of it. Make cautious, wise decisions that will make you worth the  money.
3.  The size of the jump starter
The  size of your take-off starter will matter. The portable jump starter comes in  several different sizes and you need to make sure it is small enough to fit in a  glove box, under a seat or anywhere you plan to store it when not in use. This  is why size is not the only important factor-shape must also be taken into  account. Size also affects prices, so you need to look at them all at the same  time.
4.Charging  specifications
You  also need to check the charging specifications, but this is relatively simple.  Basically, you want to make sure that the jump starter you choose has enough  amps to effectively jump start the vehicle. Some people worry that the maximum  amperage of their starter is much greater than the maximum amp required for  starting the battery, but you don't have to worry about it. Just make sure there  is enough. Your car will automatically pull the correct amount from the platform  launcher without pulling more. If you want to know how many amps a car flip  engine might need, check out my article on the best compact jump  starters.
5.  Included safety measures
You  also want to make sure that you review the precautions included with the getting  started. For example, if you don't connect the cable properly, some jump  starters actually sound an alarm or turn off the power. This will be very useful  for anyone using Jump Starter and will ultimately be more secure.   6.Warranty Another  factor is the warranty. Most quickstarts will come with some kind of warranty,  but you need to read the detailed instructions carefully before buying. Make  sure you will be able to return your starter launcher or replace it if it fails  to launch in the first few years. Most starter starters have a fair warranty,  but some products are of poor manufacturing quality, so the warranty period is  short or there are significant limitations.   Linsheng  is  a professional     Jump Start Manufacturing  Company    and     Jump Start  Manufacturers    in China.Is a professional manufacturer engaged in the  research and development, production, sales and service of automotive parts and  power tools. Mainly produces auto parts, emergency lights, quick starters, air  compressors, vacuum cleaners, fault lights and spotlights. Our automatic quick  starter has multiple safety protection designs to ensure its zero defects, which  can achieve high power polymer batteries, fast charging, and low self discharge.  Whether you choose current products from our catalog or seek engineering  assistance for your application, you can contact our Customer Service Center to  understand your purchasing requirements.  https://www.linsheng.com/product/jump-start/ 

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