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I have 98.8%ile in XAT and 65%ile in GK. Do you guys think I can convert? 10/12 - 9.8/93

CAT 2017 96.61 XAT 2018 98.83| CAT 2018 99.52. XAT 2019 99.949 "GEM"
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@achyut1989XLRI Jamshedpur  ·  2,210 karma

@mranony Not sure. How does it matter ? Point is we have people in my batch from 95-99.8. The junior batch has people as low as 92 i think. That's all that should matter to you and give you motivation to do extra well in the GDPI

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@aiushkumar  ·  11 karma

@achyut1989.. thanks a lot for this comment. I have got 95.8 percentile in xat and cat and have BM ,HR , MDI interview coming up.. Everyone is saying that its difficult to convert on this percentile... Yesterday , I read one of your comment u wrote 1 year back that even if 10% of seats ar available for lower percentile guys still one will prepare for it no matter what.... That was really motivating for me..I have chucked out all the apprehensions now and I am preparing my best for gdpi...thanks man

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