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Aim - XGMT preparation. This group will serve as a dedicated space for XIMB-XGMT exams in order to help the interested aspiration. [Admission procedure will be avoided as it does have different group]

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Can anyone suggest good mocks for XGMT?

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Last year papers available ? Please let me know about the standard of the paper and no. Of questions

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No, but I guess we can ask students from the official XUB group. Maybe they can help@akriti123456789

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Venue: Kenilworth Hotel

Date: 17/03/2019

XGMT- 96.86

X/XII/B.Tech- 88.16/70.83/7.38

GD topic:

India should cut diplomatic ties with Pakistan

Only 5-6 of us were there. Maybe that is why the time given was short. Only 5-6 minutes for GD and another 5 minutes for WAT. A girl started the GD, I countered her and started second. I, the girl and another guy dominated the GD and my opinions were more or less the dominating opinion(s) of the group. WAT went on for another 5 minutes after which we were told to sit outside.

PI: (Duration-15 minutes)

My PI was the second in line. Entered and greeted the panelists. The GD and PI panelists were the same for everybody. Three panel members; two old (professors), one elder than the other, and another a middle aged guy. Calling the oldest among the three OP, the middle aged guy as MG and another old professor as AOP.

MG: Have a seat please.

Me: Thank you sir.

AOP: So Biswadeep, tell me you CAT/XAT scores.

Me: Sir, I applied through XGMT.

AOP: Have you not appeared for CAT/XAT?

Me: Yes sir. (Told them all three scores)

AOP: So you applied for both BM and HRM?

Me: Yes sir.

AOP: What is your preference?

Me: First BM and then HRM, sir.

OP: Do you remember the subjects like Organizational Behavior from your B.Tech?

Me: (Honestly) No sir…

OP: Why HR?

Me: I explained that in class XII I founded a small content writing company (OP seemed impressed by this) and how I managed and trained writers and that I interacted with varied people from diverse backgrounds and connected to them on a personal level and that made me privy to their problems and such. Explained a bit more here. Told them about my NGO volunteering but could not explain, was cut short.

(MG took my file before and was browsing through it)

AOP: Why did you leave your job?

Me: Explained. 

AOP: Your academic scores are not good.

Me: (smiling) Yes sir.

OP: Yes you have a significant decrease in class XII compared to Xth, and in grad too, I mean it is okay (mumbled something here)

AOP: You know if you come into XIMB (BM) you will have cut offs and have to score good marks…

Me: Yes sir I am aware of that, I want to improve and hence I want to join XIMB (BM) <It was implied at that point that the XIMB BM course is rigorous I guess>

MG: Why the decrease in semester marks?

Me: I explained the conversion factor makes it look worse than it actually is.

OP: What is the conversion factor?

Me: Explained

MG: But then everyone will face the same issue, no?

Me: (smiling) Yes sir, if you look at my semester marks it is actually increasing…

AOP: Yes but whenever anyone enters into their specialization, generally their marks increase.

Me: Yes sir, I like to learn from real life experiences…

AOP: Yes all that is fine…

(At this point, I stop giving more excuses and smile)

AOP: What other calls you have?

Me: Told

AOP: Rate your calls. Supposing you convert all of them, which ones would be your top preference?

Me: Told

AOP: So HR is your third option?

Me: Yes sir, my first preference is XIMB BM as I am interested in pursuing Marketing. Explained why marketing from my content writing history. <Content writing to SEO to Digital Marketing>

AOP: Explain what is a digital campaign?

Me: Explained the various social media outlets and how a campaign includes posting about the product, keeping heed to timelines and to make the posts informative and not salesy and also allow customer interaction.

AOP: Difference between Advertisement and Campaign

Me: Told them I was not sure but tried an answer, advertisements are for targeting a large audience while campaigns and digital marketing target customer demographic to get the best lead conversion. 

AOP: How will you target?

Me: Sir, email marketing and…

AOP: No no, (Could not understand what he was trying to tell)

Me: Sir I will use digital marketing campaigns to better tell about the product giving information following a particular timeline.

MG: So Biswadeep you have a company right? Did you ever take a loan?

Me: Sir it is an unregistered company and it is very small, I did not take a loan.

MG: But you must have come up across loan rates right? Why do you think that fixed deposit rates are so low while loan rates are so high?

Me: Explained that the bank uses the excess amount to fund new loans.

(The conversation rolled onto RBI setting CRR an MG asked what other interest rates does RBI set and I could not recall them at the moment)

MG: What do you think of Nirav Modi? Which was the main bank involved?

Me: Started explaining how he was in the news when a foreign journalist spotted him in London... The bank involved was PNB

MG: No no, what do you think of him? Should his assets be sold?

Me: Definitely sir, his assets should be liquated to recover as much of the money as possible.

MG: Why do you think there is so much NPA because of him? In spite of banks charging so much interest?

Me: Told how the loan amounts taken by him and Mallya were in the tune of thousands of crores and that is above the safety limits of most banks and such.

AOP: Ok since you are an Electronics graduate, tell me what is a diode?

Me: <In my mind I was thinking, I am a 2015 pass out, how am I supposed to even remember the basic stuff?> But gave an answer of how diodes are basically switches and how the current in any direction can switch it on and the reverse direction will switch it off. Gave examples- pnp and npn diodes.

AOP: What is a rectifier?

Me: Told something about transformer, cannot remember now.

AOP: So you are all about content writing?

Me: Told him that content writing led me to become interested in marketing and that it was not my primary job/interest.

Interview was done.

SRCC GBO- 486.076 (GEN-17) || XGMT-96.86 || SNAP-95.9 || NMAT-95 || CAT-92.57|| MICAT(II)-55.25(RAW) || Convert(s)-XIMB (BM, HR-W=53)|| GLIM Chennai,Gurgaon(PGPM) || NMIMS(MBA Analytics Decision Science) || IMT-G (DCP) ||
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I have my PI for BM at XIMB tomorrow. Unable to find my call letter. Please help

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https://www.xub.edu.in the GDPI dates are out
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I don't know the sectional cutoff plz help me

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Folks anyone got a call from ximb through xgmt please do post,it'll be of great help :)

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@qwgjh check the sectional

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Got a call

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Can I get a call from XIMB this year 2019 either in BM or HRM?

Following image is my XGMT 2019 Score card.

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Yup! :) 

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I am unable to check my result. Please help

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Even i cant get the scorecard please help

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@jash777  ·  18 karma

@Anushtup tried this too it just is blank

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Any tentative date for shortlist ?

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