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Hi Guys, 

Need help in the DM question related to "Om Chowdhury was one of the supervisors in the Fire and Safety (F&S) department of Maqsood Textile Mills..." from XAT 2009.

Can anybody help me as decide as to what should be the ans for the question which The details of the entire episode have become

common knowledge among all the employees of

the company. Out of the options below, which one

presents the best way for the top management to

resolve the issue so as to benefit the organization

as a whole?

Let me know if I need to upload the entire passage.

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@smriti.joinwal  ·  13 karma

I understand that and i had marked the same option but according to CL's answer key it's A.

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@saviopoulose  ·  123 karma

@inamwehtam would't D be a better option. as there was already prejudice towards OM any decision of revoke without taking employees into consideration would aggrevate the issue?

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Indian government may hold top executives

responsible if state-run power companies fail to meet

performance targets and punish them with fines

and transfers. The strict performance parameters

are aimed at ensuring that at least the reduced

target for 62,000 MW of generation capacity addition

is achieved before the end of the II th Plan, said a

power ministry official. Performance of chairmen

and managing directors of the power Public Sector

Units (PSUs) in project implementation will be

assessed as per the terms and conditions stipulated

in the company’s memorandum of understanding

(MoU) with the power ministry, he said, requesting

anonymity. Performance parameters of executives

had come under strict scrutiny due to a lack of

progress in capacity addition program. While the

target for the II th five year plan has already been

scaled down by the government from 78,500 MW,

in the first three years of the plan yielded only

22,302 MW of fresh capacity.

If you were the chairman of one of these power

PSU’s, which of the following statements (all of

which are assumed to be true) could best be used

in order to strengthen your case against the

government holding top executives responsible?

i. The labour unions, owing allegiance to ruling

party at the Centre, are not allowing work to

progress with their demands for wage hikes that

are untenable

ii. The actions of the mid-level management are

not In line with the objectives laid down by the

top management

iii. The delays have been due to difficulties in

obtaining funds at reasonable interest rates on

account of the recessionary conditions

iv. We are not to blame. The government is not

doing enough to ensure availability of sufficient

fuel to power the existing plants, let alone the

new plants.

v. The government had ignored the infrastructure

availability like roads etc., and environmental

clearances required for such projects and

therefore set an unrealistic target to begin with,

and the revised target is also unrealistic as well.

A. i and ii

B. i and iii

C. i, iii and iv 

D. ii, iv and v

E. i, ii, iii, iv and v 

Never ever give up!!
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@sawan1994IIM Calcutta  ·  1,060 karma

@shashanksaran06 answer to bta do ab aap

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@praharsh.oswald  ·  43 karma

@sawan1994 If the blame cant be put on the middle management then wouldnt option d be incorrect???

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I am getting really confused with Decision Making. I was solving 2013 DM ques and found them to be very ambiguous. Moreover while while checking answers, I found different answers on IMS, TIME and HKF. This happenned for 6-7 questions. 

Does XAT provide official answer keys?? If not then please suggest which one to rely more on 

CAT 16: 96.47 || NMAT:96 || SNAP:98.3 || XAT:94.5 (VA:73 😢😢😢)
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@TheEuler8IIM Calcutta  ·  165 karma

books on ethics would be really helpful for DM. I used the schweser book on ethics last year, and it worked for me

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Where can I find some discussion on DM section ...??

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 Guruji’s Guidance
Bhola, an avid nature lover, wanted to be an entrepreneur. He dreamt of establishing a chain of huts in Chatpur region to cater to tourists, who came attracted by the beauty and splendour of the Himalayas.
However, he was appalled by current degradation of the Himalayan environment. He remembered the early times when everything was so green, clean and peaceful. Now, greenery was replaced by buildings, peace was shattered by honking of vehicles and flocking of tourists, and cleanliness was replaced by heaps of plastics.
Bhola had a strong sense of right and wrong. On speaking to few locals about the issue, he realised that the locals were aware of these issues. However, they pointed out the benefits of development: pucca houses for locals, higher disposable income and with that, ability to send their children to better schools and colleges, better road connectivity, and access to latest technology in agriculture. Most locals wanted the development to continue.
Saddened by the lack of support from the locals, Bhola took up the issue with the government. He met the chief minister of the state to find out if government could regulate the developmental activities to prevent environmental degradation. However, the chief minister told Bhola that such an action would slow down the economic progress. That also meant loss of substantial tax revenues for the government.
Bhola needed to resolve the dilemma. Bhola always wanted to be an entrepreneur, who could contribute to the society and earn money as well. However, his business would also be responsible for destroying environment. If he did not set up his business, he would not be able to earn money and contribute to the society.
After mulling over the issues, he went to his mentor, ‘‘Guruji’’. Guruji realised that it was really a difficult puzzle: if one saves the environment, there seems to be no development and if the people and the government sought development, the environment and hence future of this planet and human beings was at stake. After careful thought, he felt that dilemma could be resolved. He fixed up a meeting with Bhola to answer Bhola’s queries. 

 Bhola wished he was heading the government. He had listed down five concrete measures he would take if he were to head the government, choose the best alternative 

A. Charge environmental cess from all businesses operating out of Himalayas.
B. Charge cess from anyone who pollutes the environment, it be citizens or industries and reward those who have contributed to afforestation the most.
C. All profit making organisations have to take responsibility of afforestation proportionate to their profitability.
D. Think about maximising the revenues and forget about the environment.
E. Institute a Green Valley Reward, which would be given to businesses highly active in afforestation efforts.
rage rage against the dying of the light.
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Which among the below DM course is good to enroll? or pls suggest if any other..

1. Oliveboard (10 sectional test)

2. Handa ka funda (5 sectional test)

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@khuranarohit20  ·  1 karma

If you solve the free test of oliveboard, it gives you the real feel of XAT exam. I feel they are closer to the actual level. Not to forget, i haven't yet seen hkf material

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@long_way  ·  21 karma

Oliveboard is good

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Please visit the below link for XAT materials:

updated 10.12.18


*I dont own any of these materials, just collated what i've found over the years on the internet. Sharing for educational purpose only... ATB!!!

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@simar121993  ·  68 karma


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@Neha_tiss  ·  0 karma

@ss_12345 link not working, Can you please restore it.

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Hey Puys! With jus a month and a half to go lets start our prep for DM... :)

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