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A salesman sells two kinds of trousers: cotton and woollen. A pair of cotton trousers is sold at 30% profit and a pair of woollen trousers is sold at 50% profit. The salesman has calculated that if he sells 100% mor e woollen trousers than cotton trousers, his overall profit will be 45%. However he ends up selling 50% more cotton trousers than woollen trousers. What will be his overall profit?

A. 37.5%

B. 40%

C. 41%

D. 42.33%

E. None of the above

Please explain.. This is XAT 2009 ques.. 

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30*x+50*y=45(x+y).....x:y=1:3 let x=100 thn y =300 but y content is 100% more than wat it actually is so y=150,x=100 thn in the second statement x is 50%more than this thn x=150,y=150===>30*150+50*150=k(150+150) on solving we get k=40:-)

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