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Jordan Felbort is working in an IT company where he works for six hours a day. It allowed him to have enough personal time, which was one of the main reasons he chose that job. He lives in Mumbai with his father, who was working for a meagre salary. But Jordan's salary of Rs.30,000 is enough to cater to all his and his father's needs. He gives his father Rs.15,000 every month and with the remaining money, he takes care of his expenses and saves whatever money is left. Today morning, Jordan got a promotion and his salary was increased to Rs.40,000. However, his new posting was changed to Hyderabad and he had to report there in two days.

He called his friend, Samba, who lived alone in a 2 BHK flat in Hyderabad. and told him about his situation. Since he would possibly live in Hyderabad for a long term, he asked Samba to help him with his accommodation. He told Samba that he could not afford to incur a cost of more than Rs.10,000 on his accommodation and Samba thought it would be a good idea if Jordan and he shared the flat. They decided that if Samba's landlord agreed to it, they would share the rent equally. Samba was currently paying a rent of Rs.12000 which excluded the maintenance cost of around Rs.3000, usually per person, that was borne by the landlord himself. So when Samba talked to the landlord about the possibility of sharing the flat with Jordan, the landlord was reluctant because he was worried that having one more person would mean that there would be a slight rise in the maintenance cost.

Q. After a year, Jordan got an increment of 20% because of his stellar performance at work. Jordan decided to move back to Mumbai because he wanted to be with his father, who had retired recently. But his manager told him that it was not at all possible, because the company really needed him in Hyderabad at the moment.

Which of the following steps is Jordan most likely to take?

a) Cancel his plans to move back to Mumbai.

b) Convince his father to move to Hyderabad with him. (correct answer)

c) Request his manager to get him posted in Mumbai.

d) Resign from this company and look for another job in Mumbai.

e) Postpone his plans to move back to Mumbai.

I think the answer shud be D becoz he himself is unable to adjust his living expense , hence he cant afford more expense i.e. his father's living expense. So B shud not be the answer , 

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If his father come to Hyd then he will bring addition 15000

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