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Owing to recession in the economy, X Ltd. has been undergoing a financial crunch. The situation is such that some top officials might also have to be fired. The company grapevine is abuzz with speculations of lay-offs at every level.Which of the following information will most likely assuage the employees’ fear of lay-offs?

1 The company has formed a special HR team to look into salary cuts for middle level employees.

2 The company’s HR team has hired some more top-notch officials.

3 The company’s PR has refused to comment on this matter when prodded by the press regarding its future course of action.

4 The company’s research team has discovered alternative uses of its product that make it into an essential product for people.

5 The company refused to engage Y Ltd., a company which renders outsourcing services for rehabilitation of the fired employees, when approached by it.

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4. That's the only way out of the given options employees be assuaged as it will project that the company's future economic projections are not grim and it's progressing in its work.

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