Worst center of all for GRE in Indore (Orlando Academy)

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Review Orlando Academy Indore GRE 2014I have given my GRE on 3 Aug 2014 at the Orlando Academy Indore.I didn't got appropriate dates at any other city (as i was taking the date a month before the exam) so i have to take my GRE in indore only....
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Orlando Academy in Indore - It was very good just like PROMETRIC CENTER for GRE and TOEFL exam

Overall quite satisfied with the center and accolades for starting my test before time i.e 9:30 instead of 10:00. I have previously been to prometric centers and my tests were always delayed by 30 mins or an hour.

"The test room are up to the mark and to the standards of ETS. I was glad that Indore have such good testing center. Overall experience is good."

Wonderful Management, Very helpful and friendly staff had a nice experience, the examination session is quit good and I feel comfortable , that's why no more suggestions for perfect service provided by the academy .

Although I was scared previously after reading the review stated by other guy. But my experience is 200% satisfactory. I will surely recommend to choose these center in Indore.

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i think this is fake review by orlando it self

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Review Orlando Academy Indore GRE 2014

I have given my GRE on 3 Aug 2014 at the Orlando Academy Indore.

I didn't got appropriate dates at any other city (as i was taking the date a month before the exam)  so i have to take my GRE in indore only. And it was my worst experiences of all time for any exam. It was like I was appearing for a local exam. I had taken the GRE exam before in Delhi at a prometric centre in Feb.  I had 301 marks thats why I was thinking to give again the exam for a final time. My marks in Princeton Manhattan and Official GRE practice tests were between 305, 306 and 314 respectively. So i was quite sure that i will get atleast 306-308 in main exam. I was surely well prepared, I got to the centre at 8:45 Am and my appointment was for 10:00 Am. I got quite early and as I was getting inside i got a long line of persons getting inside to take exam. And i thought is it really that much persons are appearing for toefl and gre at the same date in a small city indore. So I get to ahead of line and asked the person who is checking the admit cards of all students that whether this is orlando academy or not. And he replied it is orlando academy, and i asked him where to go for the GRE, he asked please get inside and fill out the form. And then I realized that all the persons who are making the line outside are not for GRE they are for SBI and ICICI bank exams of some sort. Inside the other banks exams are conducting in other labs so I was not afraid of the noises of the other persons.

 And then I filled out my cursive agreement form and then i was checked and my belongings are secured. And then i was taken into the lab for GRE. It was around 9:30 Am till that. 

Then the main problems began. There server was not working and there tech faculty is trying to get the computer again working. I was just at the corner at the starting of the lab. And the tech person just opened the CPU and cleaning the RAM of the computer. And trying whatever he can to start up the computer, blowing burst of air into the wires and ol. Finally around at 10:15 Am they had started the server and the software of the PC is restatrted so that the system can now connect to the server. And the test finally got started at around 10:45 Am (the appointment was of 10:00 Am and i was pretty well taken my diet according to that only that it will get finished around 1:30 PM ) . I hven't got yet depressed or afraid or disturbed till then.

I gave my best attempt for analytical writing section both Issue and argument. And then the Quanta section got started about 15 mins are remaining for the quant section and then a person got into the room and said please turnoff ur computers the sever is getting some problems and we have to restart it. All the students computers were turned off. And about half an hour later the test got started again. Well that's not quite yet finished yet. After my quant section, during mid of verbal, a fan got starting making a very loud noises, and after getting irritated after 2-3 mins it just doesn't stopping making sound i asked the faculty to please look into it.

After the break, during my next quanta section, the bank students are entered into the room and i thought what the hell is going on. Why are these persons are getting into our lab. And the whole group of persons got entered into my row (where i was alone a GRE test taker). And some of faculties person got ringing afterwards. And also some of a old person got into room and loudly saying to all the bank test takers best of luck and do well on the exam. And also the faculties of the academy are getting passed beside me again and again as i was first into the row. And getting instructions to the newly arrived students of bank exams. Both my next Quanta and verbal section got pretty disturbed. And the test finally ended aroung 3:05 PM around 1:30 hr late. And my score was 302. And the test was pretty Fucked up due to my long exaggerating noisy environment.

My previous score was 301, and i was sure that i will get 306 atleast in this(as my score in the practice tests was 306 and 314).

And my 12000 rs got wasted and as well my spirit to take the test again. The centre is the worst of all. And I hope everyone who is reading this review please don't mess up with your test by taking it in indore center.


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