Why read books: arguments from literature

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Reading plays a huge role in life. Books help you learn something new, support a conversation or sparkle with erudition in the company. But the writers      https://bestessaysservices.com/reviews/samedayessay-com-review/ themselves see in the literature and unobvious bonuses. Reader rarely feels alone, with a good story can quickly distract from the depressing thoughts, better understand the world and the people around him. All these examples are in books.

[b]Avoiding loneliness[/b]

The book is not only the best gift, but sometimes a great friend. Anyway, in the company of literary heroes you will never feel alone. Holden Caulfield, a difficult teenager from the novel "Above the abyss in the rye," it is difficult to converge with people, but reads zahleb herself and dreams to communicate with writers.

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