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  these courses a student gets registered with ICAI, ICSI OR ICMA 

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Students usually opt to study Company Secretary just after class 12th as a career, pass the foundation exam, and reach the executive level. But some of them get away due to multiple subjects and humongous curriculum, which is compulsory to study to pass the exam. They find it challenging to revise all the topics, and most of them just before the exam. To cover the syllabus, one must use one of the various learning strategies that are easiest and most recommended that note-making. Almost everyone makes short notes from CS executive classes, but very few know an effective way of creating notes.

You can make brief notes from books as well as from the CS Pendrive classes. If you are taking coaching, then the CS aspirants must be ready with stationery for your types, either online and offline. You have to be attentive in the online classes, and most of all, you have to ask questions to clear your doubts.

These days almost all CS aspirants are studying from their home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, majorly from CS executive pendrive classes. Most of the note-making will be from these online classes or the books you prefer to read. It is significantly essential that you should select your video lectures for cs executive very cautiously. There are numerous authors available in the market who offer CS executive pen drive classes. But proper guidance is critically required for passing CS examinations. For that, you should refer to only those CS Pendrive classes that you are comfortable with, and help you out in clearing your concepts well and suit your preparation. You can visit Book My Lectures, where we offer books, CS executive pen drive classes for your convenience, and select the best ways to explain and educate you via various renowned authors.

After selecting the required books, now comes “THE ART OF NOTE MAKING.” Writing short notes for the CS executive is an art; everyone has a different way of writing notes, which suits their understanding.

Crucial points that you have to look upon while taking notes from CS executive classes:
  1. No notes on first reading: When you are reading a book or a video lecture for the first time, sit down with a pencil and go through the book or video calmly, go through it as if you read a novel. Understand and underline all the important concepts you find and write it down with a pencil on a small copy. Do not write too many short notes just in the first go as you have to more familiarize yourself with the video and book, and then only you can understand what is important to pen down and what is not.
  2. Try not to copy: At the time of preparing for the CS executive examination, try not to copy the notes directly from the book, as it loses the essence, and you end with just creating a photocopy of the book you were reading. This is why you cannot make notes just after reading or viewing the video lectures for cs executive. It is essential that you first know the concept in-depth and then try to write it in your own words in just half of the words written in the book or explained CS Pendrive classes. This will help you provide excellent and precise short notes for CS.
  3. Digital Notes: Nowadays apps like Evernote, Google Notes have made note-making even easier; you can also create notes on these platforms as you can access it quickly and very handy. You can go through your notes whenever you want, during breakfast, lunch or during any function. Whenever you think you want to modify, you have everything on your phone. Well, but keep in mind making your notes on a digital platform may not be such a good idea when the exams are too near as the attempt can be given through pen and paper, and making notes on hardcopy will help you improve and practice your writing skills.
  4. Utilize loose sheets: We must always remember that nothing is perfect, there is still room for further improvement, and so keeping in mind the possibility that during the preparation of the company secretary exam we need some new concept or some examples, we always leave the scope of additional changes. Loose sheets are still handy when making short notes, as you do not have to keep the entire notebook while revising, but only the sheet of the particular concept you are revising.
  5. Select what suits best fit you: Every topper or aspirant you will meet may have their specific note-making style. It is essential to understand that you have to create the notes in the way you like best, as you will have the tools to succeed in your CS examination.
  6. Discipline: When making short notes from video lectures for the executive, be sure to follow a particular discipline and not take notes anywhere and anywhere. Your notes should be neatly and systematically kept in a notebook, organized by topic, subject-wise, or whatever suits you. You will have trouble taking notes sometimes. During revision, you must first spend time looking for all the notes and then revise.
  7. Re-read and read: Just note-making is not just the end of working for you. You must read the notes twice-thrice to know that you understand them and also so that you remember the facts and score sixer on a pitch of examination.

So, before you start the preparation for CS, ensure that you remember the critical CS examination study tips and involve yourself in your daily routine. You can now realize that making notes is a difficult task, and you have to create it. It becomes easier to go through the revision of 5 short pages than to revise a 500-page book in the long run. So, as they say, ‘short term pain will give you long term benefits,’ it is indeed true in CS examination preparations.

We wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors. We at Book My Lectures, offers CS Pendrive classes for all subjects, video lectures for cs executive created by renowned authors, which makes the path of CS examination easy and smooth. We also provide end-to-end assistance so that you can prepare for your CS examination with ease.

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During this global pandemic of Covid-19 where the world is undergoing various crises. Various Educational institutions are attempting and adapting to online platforms of teaching through various apps for completing their syllabus, so that students don’t waste valuable time of their career. 

There have been some visionary professionals who have explored this medium to their fullest way prior to this pandemic situation arose.

We feel they were ahead of time in setting up establishment and creating necessary infrastructure for classes through virtual means as aware and understanding the importance of studying as per comfort and convenience. 

What if we tell you can do the same for your whole career without shifting cities, eliminating daily travelling for coaching classes, skipping going through lengthy admission procedures which go on for months altogether that too while you are sitting at home. Will you believe us?

Trust us it is possible if you are a Commerce student planning to make a career in CA, CS or CMA. 

How to choose which course to go with?

If you have interest in the field of finance, taxation, auditing then CA is the right field for you. If you have interest in the field of corporate law, compliance and Secretarial audit work then CS is the right field for you. If you have interest in the field of costing, management and mathematics then CMA is the right field for you.

Preparation for these examinations is very convenient as an aspirant can do it from his/her home itself. Most of the students prefer starting their career in these fields immediately with 11th Commerce or some start the coaching along with 12th Commerce and few start along or after graduation.

Why CA, CS, or CMA the best alternative?

First let tell you a brief about these courses a student gets registered with ICAI, ICSI OR ICMA institute for these courses and has to prepare as their syllabus and give examination as per their pattern. CA, CS, CMA are highly booming professions when you talk in terms of their scope, career aspects and opportunities.

All these are National level recognised degrees by statutory bodies formed under act of Parliament, thus pursuing these courses from any part of the world doesn’t have impact on its sanctity or authenticity. 

As CA Online Classes give complete detailed knowledge about preparations, tips and strategy it helps students to prepare well for their examination and move up in their career ladder.

As CS video lectures are available in Pen drive classes and online classes it gives students to prepare for their exams with their comfort and ease.

As CMA online classes lectures are also available in online mode or in pen drive classes it is user friendly for students to study without much investment. These online classes are also available and compatible even on Smartphones which gives students to learn anywhere and anytime.

These CA Online classes, Online classes for CS or CMA video lectures save traveling time and migration cost of the student. These classes also provide online assistance and doubt solving sessions for in depth learning and to build conceptual clarity. 

Since its national level exam one can easily give exams from their own towns or cities nearby. There are several centres which conduct these examinations across India.

 It is not possible for everyone to get into Ivy League institutions or get best knowledge without huge investment. For someone who wants to pursue without leaving comfort of homes or without migrating to any different city in search of proper coaching, they can always choose CA, CA, CMA as Pen drive classes. 

Importance of Pre-recorded lectures:

These lectures on pen drive and online portal based are pre-recorded in professional studios with proper equipped gadgets. 

These video lectures have good sound and picture quality. They eliminate the online connectivity issues problems usually in online live lectures or webinars these days. The webcast has a hurdle of sound quality and connection which makes it less appealing to the audience while studying.

It is also for working professionals or everyone who likes to study as per their suitable timings. They are as handy as downloaded movies or series on your Netflix or Prime account where you can stream anytime.

For working professionals especially during deadlines, extensive office hours, long daily travelling these Pre recorded virtual lectures help them stay connected to their studies and a lot of students find it hard to maintain a daily routine for studies where internship is going on.

When they get less leaves from work. They find it hard to complete the syllabus and study thoroughly. Wheres, these lectures help them stay connected to studies in a portable manner through their mobiles.

 It helps them manage their time for studies and stay connected, so that when there is preparation leave for the exams the student does go blank or under confident about their preparations. It makes studying experience as smooth as watching some film. Just like you go for movies after reading or watching a review from your favourite critic. Just like several videos of these faculties’ are available for free on their YouTube channel.   

It helps the students take informative decisions about which faculties’ video lectures to avail. It also works as a demo lecture whether you understand the teaching style and content.

One additional benefit is you can stay tuned through the YouTube channel for all the latest updates. It helps students have clarity regarding applicability of various notifications and get true spirit and interpretation of law which mere letters of law do not convene.     


One needs to be smart when you are taking the decision about your career. What would be a better and fruitful way to utilise your time in the lockdown by enrolling yourself with the course of your choice and opting for Online classes or pen drive classes for preparations.

Hope the information in this blog was helpful for you and this would help you take informative and right decisions in your career. All the best to your brighter future.

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