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I have converted calls from IIMs A, B and C. Now I am in a dilemma as to which one I should join. The common opinion is to join A without a thought, but there are other factors to consider. Help me out, won't you?

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Honest suggestion.

IIM-Lucknow ABM
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I'm a fresher from IIT Kanpur, graduating in EE, with a CGPA of 7.6

Having been selected in IIMs A, B and C, I now need to decide where to go. I am interested in finance, but I fear that the academically superior profiles of people at A and B would create lots of competition for the coveted roles during summer placements. Is this fear justified?

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PS:My eldest brother is from IIMA and my brother is graduating from IIMC this year

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As far as exchange program goes it is pretty much same in the top tier institutions. No doubt you can opt for C and have a much easier path as at A the competition is very intense. For example with a particular profile you may get Finance placement at C but may not get it at A.

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