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Hi everyone! I am a marine engineer.. will be spending the next year at Mohali.

Seeing my seniors who have been to ISB and other people from the merchant navy, as well as from some research I did, I realise that Operations is the best and perhaps most logical concentration to follow.

However, I wanted to know, do consulting groups like McKinsey ( sorry am not aware of a lot of big consulting groups) come to ISB looking for people in Operations? And keeping in mind that I have 4 years of work ex and bad acads in college, should I even think on those lines? or do I plan to stick to operations based companies purely (fmcg and retail)?

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Bad Acads in college is a definite disqualifier for any of the top Consulting companies . You would do well to focus on a decent grade at ISB and focus and Ops, Supply Chain and GM roles , as also leadership programmes.

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