What are the chances of admission at good collages if one has a poor academics

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Hi I have a GMAT Score of 650, More then 4 years of work experience, author of a book and winner of several awards in my domain at company. I can manage good letter of recommendations as well.  The problem is i have a poor academic record. 10th 65% ,12th 55 % and B.Tech 65%. Apart from that i am running my own start up now since last 8 months. Please suggest. Thanks in Advance.

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Hi @kaushal2009kk Overall your profile looks promising considering you have written a book and have also won several awards. We won't say that a good academic record does not help but if you are able to present your profile smartly, it may help you secure admissions to the university of your choice. Kaushal, we are a leading GMAT coaching institute and we not only prepare students for GMAT exam but also in their application process. If ok with you, we can arrange a call with one of our expert coaches who could then guide you well. Let us know if you would be ok for the call

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