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Jara west bengal r .. tader kache amr akta request ache je amdr sbr WBSEDCL recruitment board k mail kra uchit .. in every state like punjab Odisha Hariyana etc te gate ba exam through AE ba JE r kno post berole akta clus thke je u have to know local language .. have to pass local language up to 8 or 10 .. ty odr etate r chele ra vlo sujog py bt amdr electricity board r tmn kichu ny .. so general e all over India r chele frm fill up kre r gate e 200 (both EE ba Civil Mechanical ) rank ei sob vorti hye jy .. jara 1000 r modhe thke tara ku Chance py na , interview r call i py na .. so pls we must mail them to add some bengali language related Claus so that bengali chele ru nijer rajje chakri bikri py .. interview e call py .. so pls tomra sabai mail kro .. Good news is that abr WBSEDCL 2019 GATE through AE engineer nebe .. bt protest na krle ba inform ba request na krle gate e 200 r ank r lok jn i call pbe .. 2 3 te pai pbe .. bt dcl e dhukbe na .. r bangali chele der sopno nosto hbe .. so plsss

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