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IIM Kozhikode GD/WAT/PI Experience

17 Feb 2016, Morning slot 8:30 am - Panel 2


Topic for WAT/GD- 'Management Education - For too many and too cheap'

15 minutes given to write on one side of A4 sheet. This was immediately followed by a GD on same topic.

GD was good a discussion session. 8 participants. No fish market scenario. I was able to put in my viewpoint 3 times and twice it was carried on for further discussion. Twice was able to put counter-view on viewpoint of other participants.

Interview - 2 panelists. One was in mid 40s and other was a aged senior professor. First person started my interview while second one went through my profile and certificates.

Questions asked

Interviewer 1 - Tell us something which is not mentioned in your profile. Mentioned some personal experience in life.

Interviewer 1 - You have enough experience- why not executive MBA? Explained my reasons. Seemed convinced.

Interviewer 1- You work in open source technology. Suppose I am customer. Explain me why I should use open source software and not proprietary software? Answered. Not sure if they were convinced. He asked few more counter questions.

Interviewer 2 - Explain difference between Java and .NET technologies. Not able to give convincing reply. Some more questions on work experience followed.

Interviewer 2 - Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line - Rattled off prepared answer. They just nodded.

Interview 1- Tell us about your city. Gave a detailed reply.

Interview 2- What do you know about its IIM K and about city of Kozhikode - Said whatever I had read in my preparations.

Overall Experience

No questions on current affairs.

WAT and GD went well. Must have scored some brownie points. PI was below average performance though questions asked were not tough.

JBIMS 2016 - 2018
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@khan2imsJBIMS Mumbai  ·  133 karma

Oh, hi.. Nice to meet you again. Sorry that we couldn't talk to each other later on. How was your PI? And good luck 😃

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@siddyshanksIIM Calcutta  ·  0 karma

My PI went just fine. There some questions from my engg background that i couldnt answer, but all in all it was an OK performance leaning on the +ve

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