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Why did not they select even a single candidate in NDP OBC category for Electrical. For electrical Total 98 candidates were taken as DP category including all categories and 55 as Physical handicapped person in NDP. That means total 153 posts out of 186 (as per merit list) are not available for common job seekers. It is match fixing recruitment. If any one knows how to file PIL in court then please file it. I am sure it does not goes in favour of RINL. It is definitely a fraud recruitment. If this recruitment is only for DP and disabled persons then why did not they mention it category wise when notification was released. They have not released even normalized marks also. What is the purpose of releasing every candidate response sheet and key after joining the candidates. Every action taken by RINL looks suspicious. They have not given even a single chance to challenge mistakes in question paper and key. And also There should be capping for any reservation under govt rules. But it was not followed by RINL. we wrote this exam 3 times for such a fraud recruitmen. Very sad

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@Saikrishna12358 south people can file PIL in local court. we northies can support only. Though ive written the exam only once but i can understand how u feel.

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