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Updated 27 Jan, 2010.

Vista, the three day business fest of IIMB, has grown through the years and has become the flagship event. This event of colossal status attracts thousands of footfalls and hits in its real and virtual venues every year.
And this year, like every edition before this, Vista promises to grow, become bigger and better. As the events unfold one after the other, the entire campus descends into levels of frenzy- unseen and unmatched by any other before. Come home then to the stage that shall see the brightest of minds clash and the best of brains get back to business with a bang.
Scores of events drawn from Marketing, Finance, Operations, Economics, Strategy and IT means there is something in there to tickle every gray cell. And with India and the world going through choppy waters and smooth sailing not yet a given, Vista this time shall echo a flavor of an 'India at Crossroads', an India which is taking its first halting steps towards recovery and beyond. And in the midst of a truly revolutionary summit, in our effort to stay in sync with the shifting times and to show our solidarity with the scores of initiatives taken to go green, we at Vista intend to do just the same.
So where will you be, come this January 29th to 31st? Bangalore beckons, for here's where all the fun and the action shall be.

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