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Target : RC + VA of the CAT/XAT/NMAT/SNAP/IIFT Method : One Post per Day dealing with one aspect of VA Prep ( Questions, Websites, Links, Tips, Interviews of VA Toppers) Posts start - 15th March. Suggestions / Inputs Welcome
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BULL MOCK CAT1:    Question No. 37

DIRECTIONS : Choose the option that represents the most logical order of the given sentences. 

A. One measure of the strength and importance of the feminist movement is the extent to which philosophers from a broad spectrum - from conservatives to radicals or from historians of ancient philosophy to deconstructionists - now view the discussion of gender issues as an important part of their discipline.

B. Not only this, many regard it as central to the very rationale of their research initiatives.

C. Using a parallel yardstick, the environmental movement has grown rapidly in strength and importance and one should expect a much more explosive agenda at global conferences.

D. The range of philosophers who address environmental issues is probably as broad as that discussing gender, which is as much an achievement for the philosophers as it is for the environmentalists.

E. Given this rapid and dramatic rise of philosophical concern for environmental issues, we should expect and welcome serious disagreements about both the underlying conceptual and historical reasons for human destruction of the environment and the proposed solutions.

Options are

1. ADEBC          2. DEBCA            3. DEABC         4. ABCDE

Wishing all CAT Aspirants, Success.
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Solve the Bull Mock CAT Questions @

Bull Mock CAT 1

Question No. 35. Which of the following will logically complete the paragraph below?     

 Existentialism is a neo-modern, philosophical construct that a further, authentic set of categories is necessary to grasp human behavior. Approaching existentialism categorically like this may conceal its “heart” i.e. its character of an uprising antithetical to academic philosophy, its anti-system sensibility, its flight from the “iron cage” of reason.

            1. Nevertheless, our quest for a new categorical framework continues apace.

            2. Nevertheless, popular existentialist themes find a renewed philosophical significance in our quest for a new categorical framework.

            3. Nevertheless, popular existentialist themes are a recurrent motif and find an echo in humanistic psychology, too.

            4. Nevertheless, he who has a way to live can bear almost anyhow.


Wishing all CAT Aspirants, Success.
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@writetotanveer hello sir... had a few doubts in syllogisms... usualy try to solve them using rules and fallacies etc..
1) some a are b = some b are a
2) all a are b = some b are a
are the above correct... asking cuz in arun sharma tht dsnt seem to b the case for eg

STATEMENT some apple are fruit.
some fruit are sour
CONCLUSION 1. some apple are sour
2. some sour are fruit

ans is either 1 or 2 my take : 2 is correct

2) STATEMENT some cats are white
milk is white

CONCLUSION some cat is milk
some white is milk
ans : none of these my take: 2nd conclusion is correct

sorry for takin so much time sir.. thanks in advance 😃
Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other
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Five sentences are given below, labeled A, B, C, D and E. They need to be arranged in a logical order to form a coherent paragraph. From the given options, choose the most appropriate one.

A. To house this event a huge temporary exhibition hall (Joseph Paxton's steel and glass 'Crystal Palace') was built on Hyde Park in central London.

B. Although the birth of dinosaurs was relatively inauspicious (first appearing as an afterthought in the published report of the 11th meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science), they were soon to become the centre of worldwide attention. C. At the time of Owen's review, he was working on a surprisingly meagre collection of fossil bones and teeth that had been discovered up to that time and were scattered around the British Isles.

D. To celebrate such influence and achievement, the Great Exhibition of 1851 was devised. E. The reason for this was simple. Owen worked in London, at the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons, at a time when the British Empire was probably at its greatest extent.

60 answers
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There are two gaps in the sentence/paragraph given below. From the pairs of words given, choosethe one that fills the gaps most appropriately.An intelligence community ___________, as the Post shows, by a toxic mixture of secrecy,compartmentalization, turf rivalry, and tremendous duplication of effort is further ________ by aproblem familiar to every computer addict: too much information.(a) hobbled, bedevilled (b) aggravated, emancipated(c) paralysed, scuttled (d) beleaguered, persecuted

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Your blog on how to get 99 percentile is of gr8 help.

Have found some useful pointers which i wud be lukin to apply in the remaining mocks.

Last few AIMCATS have not been goin so well even though d papers have been slightly difficult. My performance in Section-2 has been inconsistent overall. LR is a strong area which saves me most of the time. Analyzing my performance, probably lesser attempts (~20) is d way to go for me in a difficult paper. However, i gave a few unproctored tests of CL & was able to attempt ~25 questiions with about 75% accuracy. The major improvement is in d VA & RC section in CL tests.

Which sec-2 mock tests are more closer to difficulty level encountered in CAT, CL or TIME ?

In CAT'12 i attempted too may questions in Sec-2 & ended up with a low percentile in Section-2.0

VA skills are not as weak now as it was last year.Still, don't want to end up with a great overall percentile but low in section-2.

What rough score & attempts should i be aiming at, to get ~95 percentile in sec-2 ?

PGP 2014-16 | IIM Bangalore A slave who has 3 masters is free !!
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Choose the option that is correct in terms of grammar and usage

A. Much of a manger's work is helping the people who work for him or her

B. manage their fears of change and of the unknown, their feelings of

C. insecurity and powerlessness. If a manager can turn that fear up its head

D. so that it becomes excitement to the prospect of change,

E. he will get enormously more out of his people.

Please help by providing explanation of the errors..

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Please post your queries . Have been missing for some time. Hope to be regular.
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