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Hello MBA aspirants

Quick introduction of myself. I am a resident of Austin Texas and a proud Penn State alum!!! I graduated from Smeal College of Business, Penn State, Class of 2013 and have been helping since then students like you to achieve the USA MBA dream. Over the years, I have been actively involved in Internships and Full time recruitment activities as well. Feel free to posts any questions and I'll do my very best to get back as soon as I can.

BTW "there are no dumb questions"

Good luck with admissions

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Why MBA and not any other Masters degree out there? What concentration? Why now?

What GMAT score is a good score? Is 6** a low GMAT score? Do I need to retake my GMAT exam?

How much work experience is a good work experience?

Does one particular work experience weighs more than the another? I only have couple years of experience?

What to write in my essays? Do I need to be a team lead or manager or a star performer to get into a b-school of my choice?

Who to ask for recommendations? Manager, Peers, Clients, Vendors ? Not sure!!!

How to shortlist from hundreds of business schools out there?

What business schools look for in letters of recommendation? Who should I ask to write my LORs?

How to prepare for the interviews? How do I know if a interview really worked in my favor?

Is paying visit to a school prior to getting admit a good thing?

What should I expect? What should I prepare myself with? How can I impress? What is a good time to start applying to B schools?

Is Round 1 any better than consecutive R2 or R3 deadlines?

I have a 3 year degree. Are there schools that accept a 3 year degree vs a 4 year? What are my options?

Got admitted but No scholarship or financial aid? What are my options?

Got admitted, what are my options?Can I defer?

These were some of my questions 9 years back when I applied to B Schools in the USA. What's on your mind???

740! MBA | Coach | Recruiter| | Austin , TX
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@Anshulmba  ·  71 karma

Thanks. But I am here to help students. I went thru this journey 9 years back when applying to B Schools and have really quality leanings to share with students from my experience. I am active recruiter in US for undergraduate and graduate students and can throw some light on that side of the things too.

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@Anshulmba  ·  71 karma

Hope all of the above make sense and where I am coming from. Thanks again

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