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See you there at Crust'19

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“There’s no right time to shine, it’s always your time.”


UPES AAPG Student Chapter brings to you its 3rd Annual National Conference and Workshop, Crust’19.


We’re back with Technindite, our technical paper presentation and Petrocit, our technical poster presentation.


Send in your abstracts now and grab your chance to be the change and co create!



For submission guidelines please follow the following link:





For abstract formats connect to:




To submit your abstract please access the following link:







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"Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better". 

All of us at some point of time have desired to become a person who everyone can look upto. 

The UPES AAPG Student Chapter brings to you the opportunity to become the face of our chapter in your college/university and take Crust'19 to them.

Crust'19 is our third annual National Conference and Workshop where we will work together to bring the Petroleum and Earth Sciences and the Chemical domain a step closer to the students through a series of technical events, workshops, field trips and a series of guest lectures by the finest minds of the industry. 

So, come forward and be a part of this much awaited technical fiesta and on the journey find the leader that lies within.

The benefits of being a Campus Ambassador are listed below:

•Free Merchandise of Crust’19.

•Certificate of Campus Ambassador.

•Rebate on Registration fees depending upon the   number of participants brought. Following are the details of the rebate:

1. Up to 10 participants: 5% off on registration fee on each participant brought i.e. 5% off if 1 participant brought, 10% if you bring 2 participants and so on.

2. 11 to 14 participants:  50% off on registration fee.

3. 15 to 19 participants: 100% off on registration fee.

4. 20 Participants or above: 100% off on registration fee along with travel cost reimbursement (3rd tier AC).

Fill out the following form to enrol for Campus Ambassador Program- 


See you there at Crust'19.



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