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  Education is the way to reach the goal.
Goal for being civilized..
Goal for making a Strong Nation.
Goal for respecting our tradition....
In today's era there are a lot of Educational Institutions but we need a place where
The meaning of education will be much more than giving mere knowledge.
Rawat Public School, Pratap Nagar is the perfect place of learning .It is one of the top CBSE Schools in Jaipur.
Healthy Atmosphere, Well trained teachers who are motivators also & creativity have made it Best CBSE School where learning is pleasure.
Ethics, Traditions, Morals are rich part of our glorious culture. Values can be inculcated in young learners from young age only so school plays a pivotal role .
In this emphasis is given on each and every part essential to goom a child so that we can make a progressive Nation where citizens will be full of patriotism & affection for Country.
Rawat Public has completed its journey of success in a very short period under wonderful direction of Director Mr. Narendra Singh Rawat.
It is result of dedication and devotion of whole team of Rawat Public School….
Still journey continues with
More Efforts….
More Goals….
More Hardwork.....
More Enthusiasm
& More aspiration of Success.....
With all these it is sure that this school is the perfect place to groom overall personality of Child. And we cannot ignore the wonderful efforts made by whole team of Rawat Group to make it Top CBSE School in Pratap Nagar.     �1QBN�T

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