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FOR ALL the TISS Aspirants 2004....recently i had a chat with one of ex-tissians. And he gave me some GD topics....I hope these will help us.....lets have online GD.... 1\. Only a man and women should marry. 2\. Fools runs in where angels f...
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i checked the wbesite
it says for tiss u can apply till the 31st of jan.

download the form and send in a dd
best option.

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Here is another link of Prashanth's last year experience...


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hey ppl
i had my tiss interview yesterday and sad to say it was a huge disappointment.
i mean they made us wait from 8 in the morning for the whole day and then spoke to us for a just 10 mins.
i wonder how they are going to judge us for 70 marks in such a short span.
well anyways
best of luck to everyone

may the best get in!

and may they not regret after doing so!!

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well neha if i rem right was the eng hons grad from delhi ......
well i wasnt harrased by the panel either ...my int was act good cos i cud ans all questions correctly ....and confidently as i didnt care much as my msw int was a real cracker....
still cant say much abt wht they were lookin for both in pm ir and msw but it was just some very weird questions i was aked abt directions in my city and the hod tellin me tht IIM is a better place....best rather later i came to know tht he was from iim

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hey lil
by the time my interview turn came,the panel of gango and upadhya were again fresh,since they had a lunch break.my no. was 28 on the list,so there were about 25 to go after me.the mood was quite jolly in the room.actually i was not really harrassed by the panel except for a few questions.yes a girl named neha was called abour an hour before me, and she said that upadhya was in particular very hostile towards her.i really do not know wht these guys are looking for in a candidate. anyways lets hope we all make it through.

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hey nilanjan
u had ur int on the same day as i did
mine was at 11.30
somehow now wen i look back i can just see the futility of the interview....my int was good by i did fail to understand the purpose.....as the hod kept asking me directions for places in my city
how was the general mood till ur time came and how many ppl were left aft u?

im just waitin in anticipation for the final call............


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had my gd/essay session at tiss today on 15th june.

topics for essay were
1.a society for all age groups
2.indival goal and societies good
3.india's business v/s chinese business in a global economy

i wrote on the 3rd topic

gd topics were
1.lower inflation is an indicator of growth
2.reason for non performing assets is more political than economic

the grp was well mannered...no fish mkt....chose the 1st topic...but on finishin the gd all were sayin they wud hav pref the 2nd topic....being an engg i cudnt say much in the gd...wud hav liked the 2nd topic...but the majority was in favor of the 1st!!!

all the best to ppl still left!!!

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hi my PM IR int

well i was one of those who applied for both the progs..... and reached the int of both too

my msw exp is posted on the other thread tiss admit card

well it was a very hectic day for pm ir test and gd cos i als had my msw int on the same day

the essay topic on whic i worte was developing entrepreneurship and the role of nri's ....gave lotsa fundas basically one of the things i had very recently read abt so had no prob
gd .... flat structure organisations are a better work place...

bel me most of the ppl in the gd were dumb... either they did not understand the topic.. or i really dont know
i began the gd( no resistance)
kept coming in with points ( no resistance...ppl were act nodding and agreeing)
concluded it too ( no resistance again)

then had to rush for msw int
evenin 7.30 was woken up by some frens with the gr8 news tht i was selected again
but i had heard some horror stories of the pm ir int tht day which went on till like 8.30 in the night bec the hod wanted to int each and every cadniodate personally
so night consulted some seniors and began prep for the int

next day submitted my form at 8 am ( guys pls coll ur detailed app form in case ur selected in the night itself so tht u can submit it first thing in the morn... it helps a lot co the day of my int ppl were called acc to the submission of forms)

so from 10 am im waitn in the new campus for my int.... ppl bef me again givin bad feed back
finally d moment ....11.30 am
i am at the door.... can i come in
pls come in ms..... , so ur from ......
i smile and say good morn to all of them frist and then say yes
they ask me to sit
the hod... so tell me y did u change ur coll aft the first yr... and wer is this coll in ur city.. i have never heard of it
it reply to all q's
ur doin an internship......pls enlighten me wht is an internship
my ans...
so y not full time woth them why do u want to study... u have a good job
i say my goals and suff.....
he again asks me direction for my work place
next prof takes over
so wht were ur subjects in coll...
oh.. u have studied eco
wht did amartaya sen write abt
wht is the current eco sceanario
wht is a psu
are thr only centre owned psu
wht is fdi
ok so wht is indirect inv...
suddenly hod breaks in...
ur project involves all the saarc countries....me yes
name them..
i do ( iran is als a part of the network)
iran is not in saarc the why iran
how do u go to maldives...
why have u not inc male..if u have maldives .... :shock: i tell them male is the capital
everyone is laughing
do u know anyone who has done pm ir from tiss
i tell tehm few ppl
wht does ur father do
eco prof again... wht is the dev sceanario of the country... compare it with the proj goals... i do
all of them start talking among themselves
finally have u applied to some other insti.... i say NO
HOD...i think ms ...... IIM are damm good
me : 😐 :!: but keepin a face 😃
ok u may go now
me thank everone
thr were a few more q's from the eco prof..... but i really didnt understand the hod's q's but still was happy tht i was not among those thrown out in 3-4 mins
anyways waitin for the final result

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Hi all ....

This is my contribution....

Essay : India shinning ( But i wrote Shining. Confirmed with a prof that it was indeed shining and it was a spelling mistake !!!)

GD: Infrastructure: The missing link to the economic development of India ( Topic was too good... some people in my grp had their fundas in the right place...5 people from my GD grp were called for the interview !!) They had told us initially tht people who would be dominating would get negative points but a person from my grp who had made the GD miserable for most of us was also called for the interview.

Interview: Asked abt my name, college, company details, what do u understand by human rights?, who is the HR head of ur company?, what are your company HR policies, do u want to go abroad?, how do u see urself 2 yrs down the line?, how did u come to know abt tiss? Describe the work tht u do.

Thats all i remember now 😁 will add more as and when i remember....

but the whole experience was very good.... some people are screwed badly and some others have a good time....
There is no way of judging their mood.... or wht they r looking in a candidate...

Suggestions are.... be thorough with all details u put in..... and be honest coz the panel is very knowledgeble !

Good Luck


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hi guys

8 june 2004 report time 830

even though i am pretty much late for posting my interview exp of tiss but hope this would help next yrs aspirants

no quant/eu qs this time
the intro of tiss started at 9 essay topic at 10 three topics were
1 anamoly of secularism
2 intellectual property rights in india
3cooperation is the basic essence of business( not exactly the same but something on these lines)
GD topic that we chose was : long term starategy is a thing of past
time 2+16+2 to choose b/w 2 topic n discuss panel of 10 ppl
a few were new to gds n a lot in my batch (despite sitting in GDS) were dumbos

gd was ok i gave out various directions to it

essay i went on extremely rightwinger n wrote on anamoly of secularism ( trashed all parties except bjp+ VHP)
still made it to second round(at least there is someone in world who can understand my handwriting , I myself cant do tht)
i had got thru IIFT so just flaunted that
interview was hectic 79 ppl in day for a single panel of Dutta n Gangopadhyay
not a gen situation at TISS but it happened this time

i was called in at 1200

2 mnths call center, sale, hr?????????(whr u wanna go )
why HR
diff b/w HRM n HRD

whileDutta was asking all these qs in details gango was just out to shoot small qs like college school ( bth r damn good they know exact location of my college in DU that over half of DU hasnt even heard of)
then i understood the trap n gave them myIIFT trap
told them i have to do MBA this yr with HR( despite their claim of producing HR managers withouts MBA)

was asked abt various calls
gave all the answers in a cool way

still campus is great i overstayed for 2 daysafter interview and ppl are fundu

a good place to go for ( even if u doint get thru)


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