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Updated 16 Apr, 2012.

This comes straight from SB's discussion.

Here is a Thread Dedicated to all those Classic Indian Dance songs of thumkas and Latkas and Jhatkas. Remember Mithun, Govinda, Sunny Puyji and some one song wonder heroes et al?

I Have made a YouTube Playlist. Whatever I could remember

Classic Indian Dance Songs - Desi to the CORE - Now on YouTube
- YouTube Playlist

Rules for posting ;)

Lot of songs have been posted already, Check the compilation links below
Posting a song and Dancing is a must
Grooving is Complusary
Quote the Song's list before your post and add your song


Compilation 1: Post # 15
Compilation 2: Post # 43
Compilation 3: Post # 155
Compilation 4: Post # 156
Compilation 5: Post # 157

(Note: Youtube links of not present will be updated. )

Here you Go...for a start
:drinking: :

Kaali Teri Chhoti Hai Paranda tera laalni - Youtube
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