Thornton wide hand froze for a long time, the ball he feels good ah

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Lui Ming looked the first time pressure over the Rockets first time back on defense to their half, [url=http://cheap Authentic NFL,MLB,NHL,NBA Jerseys from china,All stitched and wholesale ICE hockey,basebass,basketbass,NCAA,mitchell&ness; throwba...
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Lui Ming looked the first time pressure over the Rockets first time back on defense to their half, [url=http://cheap Authentic NFL,MLB,NHL,NBA Jerseys from china,All stitched and wholesale ICE hockey,basebass,basketbass,NCAA,mitchell&ness; throwback,america nfl football jerseys discount/]discount nfl jerseys[/url],look up, they actually did not expect to win Scola can jump, has the the most dwarf center of Lianming rocket The team for the jump ball. Has given up.Lui Ming quickly before the ball over the field. Before looking at Brooks, Lui Ming dribble shipped very careful, he may not want to be this little guy, looking Lui Ming pressure quickly to the other half. Wizards they not ambiguous, Lui Ming also give them all the pressure to the other half, four moves, waiting to run out of opportunities to pass.If inside the Union who pass a top priority, then, that many point guard finalists, but ultimately certainly Lui Ming offensive because he has not been very confident, but for his passing, he was not afraid of a challenge for anyone, what is the most flourishing, he knows very well, so he will not make mistakes at this time.Shoulder pressure, reach Crane spoon speed has been started, had the Brooks also want to come and defensive Lui Ming, but you just pasted Lui Ming bounced off. Lui Ming the power he did not think could be so strong, could bounce.Between his stunned, Lui Ming has been reached with the ball to the basket, [url=]nfl jerseys authentic[/url],finally mingled the Rockets captain Sean Battier'll be right over you want to prevent the next Lui Ming then known as the Union outside defensive midfielder Lu Ming can not belittle.Layup in front of him. Probably could have scored, but it will consume a lot of physical strength, Lui Ming Brooks gas, but not silly, always remain calm is a point guard the most basic requirements.Lui Ming flick of the wrist, the ball has been sent out from behind Shane, their side to make the action you want to dribble, to fool the enemy. Wait until Battier see the flourishing hand there is no ball when his defense Al Thornton has been found on the outside chance, aim of the half-day Al Thornton smiled directed at Lu Ming, Yang hand, the ball toward the basket fly past.Looked at the ball, on the sidelines of Adelman helpless blocking his eyes. It appears opening should be playing a third."Bang" but the ball did not, as he thought. Drilling inside the Nets, but bounced up and hit the basket neck."Huh?" Looking at the ball, all of whom have a daze, [url=]wholesale authentic jerseys[/url],Al Thornton, but just a big empty"Uh" Al a Thornton wide hand froze for a long time, the ball he feels good ah, but why not enter it?He not enter into Lui Ming bugger, this time Shane has grabbed rebounds after a long pass to the already fast Brooks, Lui Ming is tightly behind to catch up with Brooks.Flourishing speed is added to the field, but obviously with Brooks cafe speed or worse, Brooks ball affected his speed, but the basketball court is limited after all, if it is ten thousand meters, Lui Ming certainly catch a basketball court a total of only fly calcium rice, but also count on both sides of the basketball stand and restricted area, which is ten meters of space, crisp off than Changming first start flourishing naturally able to catch upBut just jump ball jump win Javier Mickey ran back, If dare Brooks layup, absolutely first-hand cap Ah!May be just beginning to play the game, Brooks did not dare at the beginning of Biao third jumped around, looking at someone back on defense over, slowed down a sharp cutting until the players drop-bit, Lui Ming also The time to stand in front of this guy.Open both arms waving,[url=]cheap authentic nfl jerseys[/url], defensive Brooks, Lui Ming looked serious look, Brooks can not help but smile."Do not worry, I'm not ready to attack the ball." Brooks looked Changming disdain smiled, and then the ball right hand, gently fling. Just thrown into the hand inside just over Martin. The Martin turned out to be an empty one."But who!" Sanders looked Rockets offense, could not help but storm a foul language, but it is a foul language is difficult to the residential block Martin shot. Kevin Martin received a Brooks pass already looked at the basket, the ball easily shot out in the anti-Mike Miller, the ball flying off. Then only to the crisp sound of the Nets waving. Vent tough bar "Yao Bu four plants report, the Xiaxin Xia Shen beansBefore looking at Brooks, Lui Ming laughed again. This guy really want with their own contest!Well, then, ah, look afraid? "Lui Ming looked before Brooks can not help but laugh.Cheong Ming is still the same routine the next ball, the pressure quickly to halftime. And then slow down, looking at the front of Brooks, Lui Ming a very casual cross under the dribble, and then suddenly change direction, toward the basket to kill.Lui Ming clearly their skills are not opponents of Brooks,[url=] nhl jerseys china [/url], but, again, to play sudden strong force always useful than the speed, of course, refers to the speed also, to a certain horizontal line because now the advances of speed Arita, power knife, in the face of Brooks cafes speed with at most four, the power of 50. How Lui Ming opponent?Brooks again, Lui Ming turned barbarians. Rushed into the inside rampage, this time attracted Lui Ming defend precisely Argentine, but the Argentine defense has always been a problem, but he also had a trick, and that is foul.Only see Nova pulled together in the collision zone stop, Lu hundred sub-Brooks, unable to break through, the right is ready to assist in the defense of Sean save small mouth seems to only go this road can go, which road . As long as you dare to the conflict, he Scola'm down, if it is the other point guard, this burden. Time may have panicked, but the advances will not

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