For international students, the move from school in your home country to a university in the United States can be challenging. To ease this transition process, University of Illinois Chicago has developed the Undergraduate Accelerator, which combines credit-bearing courses from the first year of your degree with additional academic support, instruction and cultural experiences. Together, these features of the program combine to create a positive learning environment that promotes academic success and active involvement in campus life. The Undergraduate Accelerator includes three distinct programs: 

- Integrated Accelerator Program (IAP):  A two-semester program designed specifically for international students with an advanced level of English-language proficiency who want the academic, cultural and professional support that they need to thrive at UIC. The program features a robust advising and mentorship component, as well as access to exclusive and in-demand courses. 

- Academic Accelerator Program (AAP): A two-semester program designed specifically for students who are ready to succeed in English-speaking classrooms, but who also want the benefit of English-language and student support that will help them thrive. The curriculum offers a balance of university-wide and AAP-exclusive courses, with English-language course supplements that equip students with the practical, subject-specific vocabulary and skills that they need to excel in their course work.   

- Extended Accelerator Program (EAP): This program is a three-semester program for students seeking an immersive English-learning experience. The program’s contextual curriculum gives students a practical and cultural understanding of the UIC’s campus and Chicago area.    

Upon completion of the program, student will directly progress into year two of their undergraduate education with a full year’s worth of academic credits.    

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