The 'Curse' called relative Grading

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After spending two years in a B-school, am walking out with a heavy heart and a tainted spirit, far from any solace or comfort, asking 'Is this the future of our nation?'. Even as the corporate world that we are trained for is plagued with ca...
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Am sure that wont inspire a discussion. its not that sacred for many am sure. And don't you think if i can tattoo that, then i can live with that?

Nyways buddy, that invariably means wat i zed and the word 'inside' is in chinese or Jap, me not gud with either of it, its was crafted by one of my friend over a big fat-ass J, and it was done a few years back, maybe 6, ave done a few after that so don remember exactly, but the meaning is this, that much i know coz it was my idea. did not want to copy any already existing work, so made up a new one,

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Yep Agnosco is Latin ... and gnosis is Greek ... meaning knowledge .... agnosco is used in context of know /percieve/realise / recognise.

if the chant you have tattoed on your arm prompts a discussion it would not do you a lot of good... refrain from discussing it.


PS> as i understand it... the phrase tattoed has more than 3 words and 5 syllables ???

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Hey sowie harsh bhai, missed that part completely, the 'vastu' phrase is not what i have tattooed, its just a phrase i carried from my graduation days, one of my fav, the 'vastu' one. My tattoo is a 'Satanic' phrase or spell, it means 'Percieve/recognize the Devil inside you". Its a latin word 'Agnosco' which means perception/Recognition to the best of my knowledge.

And yup, i felt that too, am writing more of philosophy here than abat the topic of the thread. well i guez thats dialectics in motion.

Though i am a philosophy grad, most of what i know abat this field is actually wat i learned from conversations i had with so called 22nd-century-sages prototypes, people whom u wont believe have so much of radical wisdom if you see their otherwise ritualistic life. Believe me majority of the so called ' typical sages' u find in religious places have such wisdom and radical approach towards life and Vedas (Eastern Philosophy) which they hide behind their otherwise ritual-ridden social life.

The lateral thinking and approach you get from them you will find in no written documents, not in a hundred lifetimes. So i will try digging out materials but i cannot promise you much, if you ever get the oppurtunity, catch these dormant souls, and ignite that rebel in them, i promise after that small session you wont remember which pill you took.

See there exists in knowledge something called 'essence' and 'substance'. And everything in nature has an essence and substance. Like 'Ocean' is a substance and 'oceanic' is an essence, and much of the reflective part of our knowledge falls under the essential nature. like music, art, philosophy etc. So though they have a scientific trairt in them, they are more reflective in nature, therefore beyond the realm of reason and logic. But because of their reflective nature, it is not always comprehensible to our mind because it exists as a continuation of itself. Mind cannot measure a litre of water in an ocean, or a meter square of log in a wooden surface as long as it doesnt differentiate it by drawing a line or boundary or drawing out that much of water from the ocean. the mind needs to differentiate it, for as long as it is a continuation of itself, it is not comprehensible, for the human mind.

So its not like it is relevant or not relevant to the present context, no matter how much the scientific or material world progresses, life in its existance would always remain 'essential' and therefore sacred. There is a statement by Lao-tse, this is roughly wat it is,

"that wen he was 6, he knew his path, wen he was 20 he knew where he was heading and wen he was 40 he knew everythn to be known, but it took him 60 yrs to bow down to an immovable tree."
Well i can only try guesing the meaning of his statement, i hope you got his point.

tc buddy,

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I agree with you Ronnie.

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well...the discussion here is occuring on a level which is way higher than what I am accustomed to

anyways, i have my own take on RG:

prolly is much easier to understand than all the vedas and upanishads that are being cited here ??:


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if it is Jain ... then it should be spelt Dharmakaya...which I don't think is Sanskrit. I hope you did not get it spelt in English ... and tatooed.

Eye, this one interests me ... can you please take an image of the text not the tattoo the book or reference material where you have taken the text from and upload .. please also let me have the names of some books on Jain thought specialy the the forays into Mahavastu and Anand.

Lastly, delink yourself from the classical meaning of the what you have read in your UG school. eg Tat Tvam Asi literaly means Thou Art Thou and colloquialy means you are what you are.... in my experience; the past masters have reasoned from a different contextual plane than the one which you and I exist in, hence you will have to take the context which applies to you. Hence , you are what you (already) are or you have the power to remain what you are . Or more rockstar like....rock on.

Type Matrix .. on the PG search you will find an interesting comparion on the thread.

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Hello harsh,

maybe your translation is right, but Anandam darmakam vastu as far as my knowledge goes states that 'substance is an infinitely complex reality' its the Jain notion of Substance theory called Anekanandavada.

And i am repeating my exams, with juniors, so thats settled. thats the best my col can do i presume.

And Tat tvam asi is an Advaita concept which means that u r one with the 'Ultimate Reality', Thou Art That. The Diversity or logical Conflict (Darsanas) in Vedic Religion which happens to be just an expression of Vedic Philosophy, MvB, is around the identification of the Jiva Atma (Atman) with the Param Atma (Brahman), or
1) Life as manifested within the living and non living things and
2) Life as the nature of Rta or cosmic balance or the Ultimate reality or the Brahman or Supreme Consciousness (GODHEAD) as stated by ISCON.

And I hope your understanding of both vedas and the essence of Communism, MvB, is thorough, but understand that the concept of knowledge in the west has always been
'Reactive' and therefore entwined in conceptual conflicts and thwarted by limitations. The Vedic Religion which in turn inspired most of the Eastern thought, is 'Reflective' and therefore deals with the essential knowledge, and that is the reason it is expounded in Aphorisms and not Essays like Russel or Marx. Even Greek philosophers like Heraclitus used such means of delivery because he was more of a mystic mind, in other words 'Reflective'. So to understand Communism as drafted by the western World and Vedic Religion needs differentiated approach. But i can guarentee you it is Communist in its very essence and nature.

And i did MBA for a living, my interest solely lies in Philosophy and Humanity. And that is why i was disappointed to see the state of things and the damage this system doing to the best of minds, I REPEAT IT WAS NEVER ABOUT MY PERSONAL FAILURE. Its not that i am worried you will misunderstand me, i dont mind if you do, its ya choice, but it shouldnt distract you from the point am trying to make, that the world is not stable and a system like relative grading is not equiped to withstand the Social pressure of personal greed and individualism personified by captialistic bull-crapism, and specifically education being such a sacred field shouldnt be tainted with so much of subjectivism. Thats all.

I guez stated that before and agree with you MvB that knowledge and therefore whatever constitutes man is Relative, the hegelian Dialectics, but the implementation of Rg in not helping the harmony in the notes, may be because of the fault in the system or maybe coz of the fault in the implimeantors. that and that alone is my Arguement, that as if now it is a 'Curse' in Indian Educational System.

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Bahut zyaada bakchodee ho rahee hai is thread mein.

But here goes something:

Eye: yes ,I agree when the purpose of acdemics is as streamlined as in a specialised collge like an IIM (or any other MBA) then there is very little scope of deviating far away from the standard modle. Hence Cookie Cutter MBAs.
Yes, there is intense pressure to become like everyone else.
Yes, some of us find it difficult.
Yes, most of us manage to somehow become like everyone else.
Yes, some of us are confident enough to retain their own.

All of the above still do not give one reason enough to become an Ostritch with his head firmly down in sands-that of time and that of mind.

When I was referring to the loss of interest earlier on ; I was talking about your missing the fact that a certain %age of pass marks are required to get thru the course.

The Skill Required to deduce the above - simple observation and fraternising. This should have been your core competency and now there should be no explaination for the lack thereof.....

Now extra for super brains ( Eye pay heed to this one )
1) Tat tvam asi : does it not mean that you have the power to be; what you already are.
2) hence, does it make sense to shoot shit at RG. Because the RG has already given it's ruling.
3) where do we head now. is something which I had tried to tackle when I spoke about the ATKT and supplementary batch.
4) cover your losses and move on.

Anandam Dharmakam vastu ( Anandam Dharmam Mum Astu? ) is fantastic. Is it tattoed in English or in Devnagari ?

Anand=happiness / bliss
Dharm= religion/purpose
Dharmakam=Dharmam+ekam (is a religion) or Dharmam +mum+idam (is my religion)
Vastu= va+ astu ( and is) may also mean "a thing"

Literal meaning:: Bliss is my religion.. or Bliss is a thing of religion .... vivechana or explaination is beyond me.

Bakchodi is a colloquial Lucknowi term; and is used in the context of bak-was.

#9 I agree.

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And if you are mistaking me for a 'communist', i am sorry, i am an upholder of the Vedic system and thats why i am an ideal communist, it has nothing to do with Marx or Engels. i am concerned with communism that existed long before they were even concieved in the western world. well it wont make any sense to i understand you if you do not understand the vedic system.

Bullcrap! The Vedas are in no way Communist! They are capitalist by their very nature! What rubbish to compare them to Communism!

By the way, the Vedas are not philosophy. It is the Upanishads that contain the philosophy. The Vedas are more a reserve of wisdom and knowledge.

- Darth M
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