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Updated 12 Aug, 2017.

€œI skate to where the pluck is going to be, not where it has been €?, quotes by Ice Hockey Player, Wayne Gretzky. I can connect to this quote as I have the hunger to start something new and fresh and be a pioneer of my dream. I can see myself coming up with new Business ideas and implementing it in the due course of years ahead. For that I think an MBA degree will help me reach my dream as it will equip me with a better sense of understanding of the business and will get me in a better position to weigh the pros and cons before starting my business venture. I will also be looking for more industry exposure after my MBA from NMIMS, so that I can implement the learning of curriculum and gain business experience.

I come across as an innate leader, when from early age I captained the cricket team at district level and ahead in career showed skills to manage people in my college and workplace through the responsibility trusted on me. Being the Head of Operations in College and getting rewarded for my work in office as Project Star, only bolstered my confidence to continue working harder and contribute more to the organization I have been associated with.

NMIMS emerges as my first choice B-school; its experienced faculty, prodigious alumni and close corporate liaison, provides a wide array of learning opportunities, and would equip me with knowledge, skills and exposure to realize my full potential thereby significantly contributing towards the achievement of my career and personal goals.

Thoughts welcome.:)

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