The Art of Essay Writing - Part 1 The Basics Selecting a topic
Think about the topic and frame questions. Note down these questions, if possible. After you do so, you will have a list of Topics and their respective questions.
In most cases, the topic with more questions should be selected. However, you also need to think whether you know the answers to all the questions and will you be able to write them. Based on this analysis, you have to select the topic for essay writing.

Nice initiate Pakal saar :clap:

To initiate the discussion- Could you please elaborate on the bold part. What kind of question do we need to frame or think about?

The method I choose is using some techniques I make a list of the point (one word only) for every topic, which I have some knowledge about and which topic has maximum point I choose that topic for writing and according to the notes/points made in advance I elaborate on those points and logic etc etc.

So for me this question asking techniques is very unique. Please elborate a bit with the help of an example may be.
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