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 What a nice question! I'm really exited to know, what the very Art of writing Essays means. As far as I know, the only art of writing is writing by the professionals. And my art is avoiding such things. I'm a professional avoider here. If you want to know how to avoid doing your homework, ask me, pal!Well at least if we talk about the stuff related to studying. I'm not ashamed to admit, that I pay to get homework done a lot. https://domyassignments.com/pay-for-homework-help.html 

Yep, I  pay for homework assignments almost every time, every single essay or composition. What to do if I don't like Math? or Physics, or Literature...I just don't like reading, that's all. And calculating...So if you ask me, I'd vote for AVOIDING things you dislike. Everyone doing that! Pay for cleaning, pay for babysitting, pay for cooking...And nobody says that's unfair or bad thing to do. So why would I feel ashamed if I pay for homework help? What's the difference? Personally I can't see it. Do you?  BTW. If you need the same help that me, feel free to ask. I can recommend a few nice services to solve all your home task problem, pal. 

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I can confidently say that the main plus of studying at universities is acquiring the ability to uniquely search for the necessary information. Almost all students are faced with the task of writing an essay, and even without knowledge I can cope with it if I click this - https://artscolumbia.org/art-history/post-classical/renaissance/middle-ages-vs-renaissance-20670/. It was a test for me to get the task of writing an essay on the history of art, but I managed to find a useful portal

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I strongly recommend reading reviews of writing services. This will help you save more than one dollar. When I was writing research paper, I read a lot of reviews to find the best research paper writing company . It was difficult because I had to re-read a lot of professional reviews. Fortunately, I found a very good article about this and was able to choose a good writing service. As a result, A +.

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