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For promotional events or promotional campaigns at any mall, we need exhibition boards. These boards are the source of attraction for the audience. We have also seen exhibition boards of sponsors on events like awards show and promotions of any industry stuff. It is one of the most effective tactics of marketing.

How many promotional events can we organize in a year? 2-3 events. Why should we buy exhibition boards for them if we have an option of renting? Exhibition Boards Hire services has made promotions easy for us. Instead of making things difficult for us why shouldn’t we choose the right direction?

Reasons Behind Hiring Exhibition Boards: · All in One Service:

When you hire exhibition boards, they offer you a complete package of services without any hidden cost. These services include all assistance from the process of renting to the end of the event.

· Project Management:

Rental companies send their manager in your service with exhibition boards. By communicating with a client, they give instructions to board designer according to a briefing of the client. Everything is the responsibility of the rental company you don’t have to take the stress of anything.

· Unlimited Layouts:

Exhibition boards are flexible for any design. You can choose any design related to your campaign for boards. It is the best thing about them. Otherwise, it would be too costly to design new boards and to waste the previous ones.

· Can be recycled:

Previously boards were a source of environmental pollution. Now the latest boards have a material which can be recycled again and again by using different designs.

· Ownership Cost:

When you rent an exhibition board you don’t have to bear any maintenance and storage charges. In case of any damage or outdated boards, you don’t have to bear any cost. By eliminating all these costs from your budget, you can save money for other expenses of a promotional event.

· Assembling:

In case you don’t want to spend any cost on labour, you can assemble boards by yourself. But if you need a special design, the team of your rental company will help you out.

· The versatility of Boards:

There are multiple designs of boards. Through Exhibition Board Hire service, you can avail the option of hiring multiple board designs for a huge event. If you need only a single design for your event you can choose the best one.

Exhibition boards are a way of communicating about your product to your audience. It is undeniable to spend money on these boards. If we can’t ignore this need then the only thing which we can do is to fulfil this need in the maximum possible low cost. The only way of doing this to hire services from a rental company.


The smart way of arranging any event is cost-effective way. The resort for you on that way are rental companies like Ems-Events. Reasons explained in this article made it clear that how hiring an exhibition board is rational than buying.

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