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I wish to offer any sort of help ( quants part ) every weekend ( only sunday ) at my residence in Gurgaon. I have started this sessions recently to add my 2 cents to the society.  Sunday, which is 10th June, I wish to explain the basics & Techniques of Geometry PART 1. Sessions shall be for 2-3 hours against any cost. being a faculty since 10 years, I have almost all the material which I can share against no cost. however, I can maximum accommodate 6-8 people in my session ( Room). Rest, please Whats App me for further details. Happy to help.


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I am so glad to see the overwhelming response to Sunday free quants sessions. Its surprising when people are turning up from noida to gurgaon to gain knowledge. I would love to continue it till it benefits them. Next session would be on 17th June, Sunday 11-2. this time, Topic shall be Work Rate/ Speed Distance Time/ Word Problems.

(Basic concepts and how to tackle medium & hard level sums) Earlier, the session was limited to 6-8 people, Now, since one of the attendees has agreed to keep session at her place, thus, 8-10 people are welcome. Reserve your seat by informing on . Location is Gurgaon ( phase 3/Phase 2/Phase 1) 

PS: Puys, Look here for kind words by them who attended :-)

Many Many Thanks.


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number is 9267979308 

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