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Take an exponential approach in prep time planning; the closer you get to your test date, the more time you should plan for GMAT #preparation.So if possible it might be wise to choose a test date that occurs towards the end of a period of ho...
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Are you looking for Abroad Study? IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT/SAT any one of the exams is you should qualify, we at Global Tree the leading overseas education & raining consultants will give you one to one entrance exam training through online or offline for more information kindly reach out. 

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Wondering about the job scenario at the US for Master's candidates? Wanna get some clarity on the current system and the changes in H1B Visa? Read the blog post -

Hope, you guys find it useful. Cheers!!

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Hi All, can you please help me with filling this survey needed to complete my research on the Study in Canda

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 i need to know if i can do phd from USA ,i have done MA and PGDMM , completed in 2006 and my age is 43 . 

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anybody have Magoosh Ielts for one month. Those who have please contact 8460544334

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SAT COACHING IN UAE - I selected after a long research and found the most suitable institute for me, after getting the admission I realized the root

It’s in India, but an online class solves the problem of distance.

Eduquest is located in India, Why I consider this point?? Actually, this is for overseas students who are looking for a coaching where they can get better learning. For overseas students, they arrange online classes too, though they have many centers all over India where they are running physical batches too. See some of the focus points you must know about them. 

1.  The full dedicated team of IT and group of experienced teachers working together to help students getting coaching online, so no more technical problems and no lack of knowledge.

2.  India is famous for its Education Sector already, especially online live classes.

3.  Do you know you can save a lot of money if you are getting coaching in India, the main reason is the difference in USD and INDIAN RUPEE, it would be lucky shot now because these days USD increased higher a bit.

4.  Online coaching is always a time saver, you can save a lot of time, you just need to chair yourself, and technically you need a computer and an internet connection.

A lot to learn- this will make you burst, but Eduquest gives support so don’t worry.

SAT is not a piece of cake, trust me there is a lot to learn, few things can be “direct” like your course, question papers etc, while other few things can be “indirect” like learning attitude, discipline and time management in exams, but as per my experience Eduquest will help because they score a lot of experience in this. Not just they are strict and punctual but co-operative too, they give you guidelines and all important frameworks important to learn.

So many Teachers trust me you have to do some hard work here.

Sometimes I used to think, why so many are teachers teaching in one panel? Generally, I see only one teacher is able to shake the whole classroom but here, “in Eduquest, no easy. But after few days of getting tuitions, I realized the “Eduquest classes” is an ocean of knowledge, I could see improvements in me, not just it improved my knowledge but also coordination, learning management &comprehension too, and surprisingly it improved my performance in classes.

Teachers are strict, but they are well experienced

Yes! It’s right. I am not exaggerating but they are over-strict sometimes from my point of view, but I guess it’s for students benefit. Discipline itself is a key to success, I think I should take it positively they worked to get best from me. Teachers are well experienced, they work strategically, I found many top teachers of SAT in Eduquest itself, most of them are for popular for their classes in India, I guess strictness is the idea of involving students in studies in the better manner.

Difficult tests that make you learn more.

Tests are never easy, I was not in the mindset of frequent tests but it becomes manageable after sometimes of joining Eduquest. If you think there is nothing to learn from tests then it’s a bad idea, tests give us an idea of exam environment and speed of solving questions, they are good in surprise tests too, be prepared if you are planning to join Eduquest, any day can be your test day.  

My classroom reports to parents!!!!??, but now I think, it makes my performance better.

My parents were very happy when they got my analysis; luckily I am good at studies so at least I had no problem if they share my classroom analysis with anyone who cares me. For anyone it’s a good idea too, TRUST IT, and the reason behind it is- you are spending precious time and money there then what is better- if you get success. 

If any parent is reading this then you are well aware of this what I am saying. Eduquest market this strategy as their USP, and for you, it’s an extra engine for you in a race.

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SAT coaching in UAE

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It doesn't matter in which country you live in or preparing for SAT- Uk, US, Canada, INDIA OR anything. The psychology of SAT students remains the same. How can I get a good score on SAT?

Tip for reading this article- UK, US, Canada SAT students! Go to the last paragraph before you start reading it, this is gonna an eye-opening article for everyone who is searching sat Study material over the internet. The goal of writing this to guide you, not to praise you.

I think you should know what to do! But you should also know the “4 NEVERS”- what you shouldn’t do.

In simple words


“Never waste your time, use it as you can”.

So how much time do you waste in a day? Can’t you utilize some extra time, Don’t you? Did you make your SAT preparation time-table and following that? Do you spend enough time on your SAT STUDIES?

Check yourself- do you miss some valuable practice hours, aren’t you trying to recover those missing hours?

Vice-versa I have another point too, sitting on a table is not studies if you feel something in distracting try to avoid it, continuous study and having time-table based disciplined life if not that easy but if you follow it then it makes your future easier. It’s just a fair deal- respect your time, and time will respect you.


“Never search for the best shortcut- Generally people are doing the same thing here”.

Shortcuts????, still you are thinking about it? People posts a lot of questions in search of sat success shortcuts, I am surprised- instead of paying attention to their sat studies and sat books people are busy in posting such things, How can I score this much, Can I achieve this Best SAT score in this short span of time? Blah blah. Searching these things shows less confidence, so analyze your confidence. it’s good if you are searching what is needful but shortcuts?? I want to say do not search shortcuts. If you are reading this page and dropped accidentally here, then don’t think I am saying something that is not usually said often, I don't like flattering.

I request you should directly chat/talk to guys who are giving sat tuitions- consider it as a tip, no matter you want to take sat admission or not, simply nobody will charge you a single penny for asking but…But- you can ask them and get your query resolved over phone or chat, you will save your time.

Never think the people who got success in had some lucky shots, they worked too hard, gave their 100% and got SAT ADMISSIONS.


“Never think your performance is good, think what you are doing to be better”

Don’t be over-confident, I am not saying you do not have faith on you, trust yourself but trust others too, and try to give some extra time to your SAT Studies, this is the only thing you can do.

Practice makes a man or a woman perfect, work every day, this is a fact- people who give 100% and work hard every day, always get success, they are unstoppable.


“Never think to have best-sat book or coaching, because a coaching works 40% and student works 60%” in case of any preparation (in our case it’s SAT)

Actually, I would call it a disease? Why it is so because- if you think Google can tell you about the best book or reading just one article you will get the idea of tuition classes then you are living in a world there is no bird called success.

What is best? ”The” best is in you, all sat books and sat coaching centers teachers you a lot with their efficiency, but without student’s “will-power” they are a big zero. Instead of calling best book for sat or coaching for sat, I prefer to call it most popular- the most popular book for sat preparation, and this is the way you must understand the meaning of the word- best.

Now the question is How you can decide the “best”? discuss sat training centers, leave hesitation, mail /call them, ask their sat success ratio between students got admission and students got success, you will find a list of top sat coaching center, no matter you are in India, UK, US, CANADA OR ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Some other quick tips to search top sat institutes worldwide:

You can save your time if you choose a sat coaching institute live/online– because the time you waste going and returning from the institute is precious, and you can easily save it.

Get the list of popular sat institutes – internationally,

For the UK, US & Canada SAT STUDENT Search any Indian sat training center where you can get some training, my point is- they are good in studies and training and are cost effective too. After the downfall of the Indian rupee and increased dollar value in 2018, you can get sat training is less amount.

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This article is focused for an advantage of understudies who are getting ready for their sat contemplates, these tips manage how to be your best you. Here you locate some best tips before you go.

So without sitting idle, Here they are-

1. Take rehearse tests for sat

Nothing can be superior to taking practice. Fix a period for every 1-2 weeks to take an entire coordinated practice test. Track every one of the records of your past tests, it'll additionally help increment your test-taking "endurance. Sitting through a 3 hour and 45-minute exam is difficult and you don't need test-day to be the first occasion when you've taken the full exam under time weight. It's essential to learn methodologies to manage test weariness and to make sense of how to pace yourself. In the wake of taking each training test, assess your execution and spotlight your ensuing prep chip away at your weakest regions. You additionally will get comfortable with the different areas of the test, also their structures and the directions that present each segment. Definitely realizing what's in the store will give you a valuable couple of additional minutes to spend really noting questions.

Sat is all about hard work, without this if you are planning sat exam preparation then frankly saying-“leave it”. Even the best sat coachings can’t help you. So start doing it with full determination.

2. Know the test structure

In the US, UK, and Canada we realize students well determined to get success and they work hard. So in previous years, the SAT result was too good for these countries. Before you start you must know the best thing is continuity doesn't matter you are doing this from home or getting an online live coaching for satin these countries

Except for the basic perusing area, inquiries on the SAT are in rising request of trouble. This implies a question toward the start of a segment is simpler than those toward the end. So you ought not to invest level with measures of energy in each SAT question. The question toward the start of each segment ought to be effortlessly and immediately replied, enabling you to set aside time to commit to the harder questions toward the end. For example, you should answer detail-oriented questions (i.e. the ones that refer to specific line numbers) first, saving general questions about the passage for the end. (By that time, you’ll already be familiar with the passage from answering the other questions, and should be able to answer these broader questions with ease).

3. Read!

Well!, practice is everything for sat, if you are doing this your own then its good, but if you can take some guidance(like sat coachings, institutes, preparing centers to live or online classes) then it becomes best because in this you are guided to right preparation content.

Notwithstanding taking practice tests, you ought to likewise work on perusing articles on new topics previously the test. Read a couple of passages, at that point stop and endeavor to distinguish the writer's contention. This will help you on the SAT perusing cognizance sections, which will quite often be about odd (perused: exhausting) topic. Look into any words you don't know as you read, as well… which drives us to Number 4!

4. Concentrate that vocabulary!

Don't need to pack each word from the lexicon into your head. Be that as it may, examining vocabulary is an extremely simple approach to expand your SAT score, particularly in the event that you contemplate savvy. Eduquest's SAT coursefurnishes understudies with a lot of vocab prep, we are helping may students already. Make a few cheat sheets and you can ponder vocab at whatever point you have a couple of free minutes—in the specialist's holding up a room, in examine lobby, in the auto, on the ski-lift… Not just will grow your vocabulary help on Sentence Completion questions, it'll additionally work well for you amid Reading Comprehension (consider how much less demanding those questions would be on the off chance that you comprehended what the words in the sections really implied!)

5. Compose whatever number practice articles as could reasonably be expected, it will grow your understanding.

Arranging, hysterically composing, and editing a paper in 25 minutes may not be simple, but rather it is a structure you can ace. The paper will dependably be the main segment of the test, and it'll generally be 25 minutes in length. The incite will without a doubt address an expansive issue like equity, achievement, disappointment, genuineness, the estimation of information, or the significance of gaining from botches. Doing trials of the exposition will help acclimate you with this equation, guaranteeing you don't squander whenever on test day. Make sense of a period breakdown that works for you-you'll have to dispense time for perusing the provoke, conceptualizing, plotting (an unpleasant blueprint is fine), written work, and editing. Settle on a reasonable, unambiguous proposal (regardless of whether you trust it or not—the SAT graders would prefer not to see you falter!). Ensure you have a few pertinent cases (from writing, history, current occasions, or individual experience) to back up your postulation, and an end that compactly rehashes your principle contention. The SAT graders will take a gander at your article as a "last first draft"—implying that while it doesn't need to be immaculate, it ought to have an effortlessly identifiable contention, be organized, and demonstrate that you have a fair charge of the English dialect.

6. Our Calculators, Ourselves

Your instructors in school may sing the commendations of "mental math," however on the SAT, your “adding machine” (Calculators) is your closest companion. It'll spare you time, and help counteract against indiscreet mistakes—is there any valid reason why you wouldn't utilize it? Work on utilizing your mini-computer while you prepare, with the goal that composing in precarious conditions like [(16 +37)/3]^5 is second nature to you come test day. Likewise acquaint yourself with any alternate routes, similar to the TI-83s capacity to show a decimalized reply as a portion. Anything you can do to make your life a little less demanding come test day will just encourage your score.

7. The SAT is a peaceful zone

In the event that you permit yourself a lot of time to think about for the SAT, you will have nothing to stress overcome test day. But yourself! So don't enable yourself to worry. On the off chance that you feel yourself freezing — stop, close your eyes, take a couple of full breaths and after that return to the test. The SAT isn't an insight test—it's about procedure and commonality with SAT question composes and ideas. Over the most recent couple of days before the test, oppose the impulse to pack. Spend the last days unwinding, dozing, practicing and eating great mind nourishments. Come test day, you'll be sound, all around refreshed and caution, which breaks even with prevalent execution aptitudes.

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These were the days when my daughter in 11th standard was planning/dreaming to study abroad for undergrad course so as a parent I had to support her in realizing her dream. As usual I had a discussion within my circle for advice as I wanted to provide professional coaching/mentoring for my daughter. Surprisingly all parents had “less time” to do comparative analysis and they wanted to walk on a beaten path – Jo chalta hai vhi theek hai- this is an undiscovered error which can paralyze your future. I adopted a path to do comparative analysis and the findings were amusing and I deeply felt pity on those parents whose money went for a toss and felt anguish for students whose future went for a toss.

The very famous SAT coaching provides(will not take name ) limited classes- their teachers are advised to finish up the syllabus in a prescribed time and they do not even know where the student needs to be prepare for so that they would be able to score good in SAT....uff. They are more concerned about impressing a parent rather then understanding child’s improvement areas. The charges were touching sky - Now the situation before my eyes were like – “All glitters are not gold”. Not even this; there are institutes which offer Video lessons which are worse. If we could teach our kids through Video sessions, we would have skipped sending them to school and also the whole idea of sending kids to school is not only interactive studies but it is also about – socialising, commitment, discipline and over all personality development.

Then I went to one more Institute –

1.Their first approach was to check the suitability of my child for an exam.

2. In order get preview about her improvement areas they put her for a simple diagnostic test which covered questions from SAT syllabus.

3.They discussed a lot with her to gauge her career aspirations and showed her the correct path.

4.Mapping report was prepared which had Target topics- her strength on each topic, improvement areas – Highlighted, approach to fill up the gap areas and proper table was prepared to check her progress on the same particular topic and the methods adopted to do so – All transparent.

Activity chart was prepared not to count number of hours consumed by the student but to keep the process transparent.

5.The support was extraordinary – there were times when my daughter was not able to make it to classes so they arranged for online live sessions with her by simply sending a link for the same.

6.They even take care of personality gaps in a student and there were no separate charges for a. CV correction/formation

b. Profile matching

c. LORs, SOPs, Essays

d. Personality Development

e. Mock interviews

7.Test Generation: This is something unique method I found- wherein a student can choose the topic, difficulty level of questions, number of questions to be shared for practice.

No matter how comfortable we are with our resources, we always prefer to spend on the things worth it. Take an example of CV writing and all other application support part where all coaching institutes charge money from students when each and everything is actually been drafted by a student themselves so being a mentor to a particular student – how can they charge them separately just for screening the things that has been a product of a child himself.

The Best part of EduQuest was that they have taught students for SAT from March 2016 – so the teachers are being trained with the new SAT pattern only so there is no risk of getting taught unknowingly for the old pattern as new pattern is been considered as tougher.

Their online live mixed with classroom is fabulous!

Best of Luck, Parents!!

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