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Wrongdoings against PTU students at P.C.Chandra School of Business (PCCSOB) * * * * To The Dean, Distance Education Program, Punjab Technical University Jalandhar. 1/1/2010 Sir, We are *MBA* students of _P.C.Chandra_...
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Thanks for the information. By the way, colleges like EILM, Kolkata are also giving out PTU degrees and are not AICTE approval. What would you suggest for taking admission into those types of colleges. My friend has given a GD-PI in the institute and is sure to be called in. Should he take his call?

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Wrongdoings against PTU students at P.C.Chandra School of Business (PCCSOB)

The Dean,
Distance Education Program,
Punjab Technical University



We are MBA students of P.C.Chandra School of Business (PCCSB), Kolkata (LC: 824) under Punjab Technical University(PTU). I would like to draw your attention to various malpractices committed by P.C.Chandra School of Business, Kolkata, under the direction of Mr. Avishek Auddy, Director, PCCSB.

1) At the time of our admission we were told that PCCSB follows the curriculum of MBA course (S05) of the esteemed Punjab Technical University. We were also informed by Director, Mr. Avishek Auddythat the PGPM certificate program (that the college conducts) is optional for students along with the MBA program of PTU. But after a month or so of admission, we found to our dismay that all the classes were conducted according to the PGPM course, instead of MBA course of PTU. On enquiry, we were told by the college authorities that the PGPM course is compulsory for all students and the MBA of PTU is of secondary importance.

2) Most faculties are biased and syllabus is not covered in full, for almost all subjects of the PTU MBA curriculum. College authorities are often involved in manipulating and tampering attendance records of students and there is no transparency in the evaluation procedure. Evaluated answer scripts and projects are never shown or returned to students. Only some fictitious marks are put up on notice board. This proves that the P.C.Chandra group is immoral and corrupt to the core.

3) PCCSOB authorities have designed a syllabus (of PGPM course) of their own which is contradictory to & violates the PTU syllabus for MBA.

Hardly any time is allocated for topics included in PTU Syllabus, though at the time of admission college authorities leverage the name of PTU, one of the renowned universities of India. Students have the feeling that they are attending some fashion designing course (as part of PGPM) rather than MBA- Marketing/Finance/HR/IT!

Poor results of college students in PTU exams are a proof of this. Almost 80% of the students had to reappear in at least one subject in the last two PTU semester exams.

4) PGPM course is also a source of blackmailing and illegal money making for PCCSB and its Director, Mr. Avishek Auddy. After every trimester of the PGPM course, few students are held back and prevented from attending classes, on the basis of some fictitious marks of the PGPM exam. College authorities do not show the corrected answer scripts of PGPM exams either to students or their parents. Director, Mr. Avishek Auddy personally asks for amounts ranging from Rs 45,000/- to Rs 90,000/-, in cash and without any receipt, for allowing students to attend further classes of the MBA program of PTU.

5) College is also involved in various fraudulent activities for arrangement of Educational Loans for students. Mr. Avishek Auddy offers to arrange counterfeit documents (address proof & salary slips) for students to avail educational loans from various banks. IOB and SBI have already blacklisted PCCSB for involvement in various fraudulent activities, for availing Education Loans.

We are spending around Rs 3 lakhs for our MBA program, but we are not getting thevalue for our effort and money spent, at PCCSB, Kolkata. We would request you to kindly investigate the matter and ensure that PTU MBA syllabus and guidelines are adhered to at PCCSB, Kolkata (LC: 824). We would further request you to ensure that the fraudulent PGPM course of PCCSB is stopped completely and immediately, so that students and their parents are not troubled by the immoral & corrupt Mr. Avishek Auddy, Director, PCCSB.

PCCSB is maligning the goodwill of PTU, one of the most esteemed universities of India. We all want to secure good grades in the PTU exams. Please do the needful to stop PCCSB (LC: 824) from spoiling the future of PTU students.

Dinesh Jalota
(3rd Semester PCCSOB(PTU LC :824))

Copy to:

Vice Chancellor, PTU, Jalandhar.
Registrar, PTU, Jalandhar.
Ajesh Gugnani, Director Operations, UCPL(PTU), New Delhi
Gautam Banerjee, Zonal Head, UCPL(PTU), Kolkata
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