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10 reasons why I traded my library for a Kindle

I still remember the day I went paperless; it was three years ago and the reason was a device named 'Kindle.' It was a pretty new concept back then. Amazon had launched a limited-edition Kindle carved in graphite. It was an advanced version with fewer buttons since the alphanumeric keypad had been replaced by a single button. Having it was a dream come true. Though it had cost me a fortune, it was totally worth it. Here's why:

1. Feels like paper

Believe it or not, nothing gets as close to paper as a Kindle does. It exhibits all paper-like characteristics. The E-ink reads like paper and its surface feels like paper. All in all, the reading experience is just like reading from a hard copy. The only thing a Kindle can't do is smell and fold like paper; which is not bad.

2. Glare-free display

You invariably face problems while looking at your phone's LCD screen in sunlight. Due to screen glare, you end up increasing your screen's brightness level. This never happens with a Kindle because it comes with a glare-free display. Like I said, it reads like paper; even in sunlight! Kindle serves as a perfect companion while holidaying on a beach. The more sunlight, the better it gets!

3. No eye-strain

You can read from your Kindle at any angle leading to minimum strain on your eyes. Unlike an LCD display, it reads just the same every time!

4. No bookmarks

People use bookmarks to mark the part of book they have finished reading. Unfortunately, these bookmarks tend to disappear. They fall off, children tear it off or they just disappear out of the blue. So, people just fold the corner of the pages. Unfortunately, you cannot dog-ear your Kindle display. But who cares? Kindle also automatically syncs all your books to the furthest page read. What's more, a Kindle indicates the percentage of the book read at the bottom of the screen in addition to the number of pages read. As simple as that!

5. Built-in dictionary

While reading a book, you often come across a word whose meaning you are not sure about. Most of the times, you just ignore the word and continue reading. After all, who's going to carry the huge dictionary and search the word while skimming through all its pages? A Kindle makes things easier. You just need to place the cursor on the word and the meaning of the word appears right on the screen in the blink of an eye! The built-in dictionary improves your vocabulary.

6. Wi-Fi on-the-go

Every Kindle device needs to be registered with an Amazon account. You can connect to Wi-Fi and browse through billions of books available on the Amazon bookstore. You can avail of offers on the Amazon store while buying e-books for your Kindle. The best thing to do is to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited on a yearly basis which gives you unlimited access throughout the year.

7. Light weight

A Kindle is much lighter than a paperback weighing less than 200 grams. Reading books never gets easier than this!

8. Inexhaustible storage

A Kindle comes with 4 GB of internal memory which can store over 12,000 e-books. This means you can carry books weighing more than a ton in a thing which weighs less than 200 grams!

9. Powerful battery

Once fully charged, a Kindle's battery lasts for a week. Even if you read 24X7. I'm not kidding, okay?

10. You go Green

With every book you read on your Kindle, you go paperless. You save a lot of paper and you save a lot of trees. Hence, you inadvertently go green!

So, celebrate your love for reading.

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@shridharmulay Very true! kindle is really a boon for readers. 

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