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The GD/PI phase begins today.. so all the call getters just post your experiences here. Make sure only the expreinces are posted here and any personal clarifications should be directed through pms or other threads of srcc.. The following fo...
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Hi All,

please share previous year Solved Papers for SRCC GBO Exam

Thank you 

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Please any one tell me entrance exam ka syllabus kya h..

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final list kab tak aegi any idea

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Hello.! Any tips for gd pi. Pls..

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thank you for the sneek preview of the past gd and pi's...but can someone put some more insights abt the gdpi sessions....
like has work ex been given due dilligence?
other peculiar questions that can be surprising ?
is more emphasis being laid on the economics ?
awaiting reply!

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Hi Puys,
Not seeing enough activity from last few days in this thread...i think most of you r enjoyin two weeks break before the the results r expected this week so its time to get on ur toes..till that time enjoy the heat....

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Sorry for posting it late.

8:30AM4th April
Process Started :
10:15AM :(
Educational Background:
11 months
I will only give my PI experience here, GD was more or less ok.



PI Panel: 3 people
Duration: 15 minutes
KB= Khamosh Bachha (In all probabilities he was a second year GBO student)
CP= Curious Professor
SL= Smiling Lady
Me: Good morning everyone!
All: Good Morning! Have a seat and tell us briefly about your self.
Me: Blah Blah!
CP: So, why do you want to come to college again when you already are working in a professional environment?
Me: Blah Blah!
SL: So why do you want to do MBA, you are an Engineer and an Mtech would be better.
Me: Nope, already have technical, using it at my work need some additional skills for growth, better understanding and knowledge etc etc.

(Meanwhile KB was curiously staring at my form and details)

SL: Ohk! So whats the need to leave your job? You can do a part time course.
Me: :'( Blah blah! Wont be able to achieve that much, regular course is better learning and better exposure.
CP: You are an engineer won't you find it difficult to be in an economics environment?
Me: Blah Blah!
CP: So you must be preparing yourself for MBA and economics? What do you read to keep you aware?
Me: ET and Business week. Told them about what I have been following etc. Bharti Zain deal etc.
SL: What does RBI do?
Me: Banks of banks, regulates currency. Blah Blah!
SL: How?
Me: CRR, loans, RR.
SL: Ohk!
CP: Whats the difference between SBI and RBI?
Me: Blah blah for 2-3 minutes. Differences between central and commercial banks etc.

CP and SL: (Smiled) Ohk that's it. (indicated KB to ask something)
KB: You have said here that you read epapers and love internet surfing, then tell me which newspaper recently announced that its epaper won't be available for free on internet?
Me: I am aware about "The Hindu". its not available without a paid subscription.
KB: Ohk..any other one?
Me: :(I am not sure.
KB: (Smiled) that's ok.
All: Ohk, that it. Thanks you!
Me: Thanks you all! :)

That's it. I guess my interview was good. Hoping for awesomeness.
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When are the final result coming ?
Did ny1 enquire

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Name-Aashish suneja
Rank , Marks(written test)- 122, 352
Slot - 4th march- 8:30 am
Highest- General,
Educational qualifications-
Work exp,if any-
Experience in my own venture, Currently working with a marketing research firm in their fmcg research division

College - Members of various societies , part of the fest organising team, college cricket team member

School- House captain , member of student council, led school delegation to youth leadership summit. And various other acticities.

Topic given- " Economic development is pannecea for naxalism"

Group of 8 , I already knew 4 of them.
Used various approaches spelt,kwa to break down the topic and wrote many points in the 2 minutes given to start.
Could have started , did not .. Chipped in witth not so relevant points 4-5 times even though i knew i had them in my kitty.

I was too disinterested in the process by teh time my chance to summarise came.. I knew we were supposed to summarise , but dont know what went through my mind .. i started saying something else. May be i knew i would be given full 1 minute to say my point , without getting interrupted . At that moment i did not cared if i would be loosing any marks or anything but i just wanted to say a couple of points and i just did that.

Rest of the people were doing pretty well.. No fish market.
I had come only to attend the interview.
Enter me ..
Three people sitting.
One old man (p1) prof.
One middle aged lady (p2).. not sure .
One young guy (p3).. May be a recent college passout.

Good morning (looking at everyone)

P2- Give me a brief introduction of yours.
Me- I was born and brought up in faridabad . I did my schooling from Dav fbd. I took commerce with mathematics in plus 2 level. Chose Ramjas for my graduation in commerce. After that i did post grad diploma in banking operations. Got 2 job offers . Rejected both of them , started my own venture in equity portfolio handling , did it with a friend for some time, could not come up with a sustainable revenue model. So ended it somewhere in december. Currently worrking with a marketing research firm in their fmcg division.

P1- So tell me about your venture
Me- Told in detail , he asked a few questions .. mostly not related to venture .. but only for prooving his superiority. Was disspointed at this :|

P2- What were your favourite subjects at college so that we can grill
Me- There is not any favourite subject as such but i do generally have interests in things related to indian economy.

P2- Okie what can you tell me about cuurency fluctuations.
Me- I am pretty week when it comes to curency market. So have not much knowledge regarding currency market.

P1- No issues, define Inflation ?
Me- Inflation is general rise in price level .

P2- What is current inflation level ?
Me- For the week ended 21 st feb , it was around 9%

P1- Give me a figure for the whole year.
P2- Tell us about the whole year.

Me- It fluctuated whole year starting with high inflation in the initial stages, then to sub-zero figures.. (

P2 (interrupting)- You are commerce student , atleast you should give me a figure for the whole year.

Me- I dont know the exact figure but

P1 ( Interrupting) - What is inflation ? what is this 9% ?
Me- Its an increase over base figure which is a figure arrived after considering the previous year figures.

P2- You are saying about the base year , cuurent year.. You dont know much ..
Me- (Interrupting) Used an hypothetical example and described how it is calculated ..

P2- Any other exams you wrote and any other calls
Me- Only two exams , srcc and nmat . Gave nmat for mba banking and only call is gbo

P2- P3 now you can also ask.

P3- I was looking at your profile, you did your graduation then post graduation , started your venture .. now you are doing a job. What exactly you want to do in your life
Me- In Long term , say 10-15 years of time it is entrepreneurship i am looking at. Told them about my plans in detail

P3- Why you didnot appeared for cat 2010 ?
Me- Was into my own venture so had no plans for cat . Its only after the venture ended and i applied for b-schools.

P3- So why would you choose gbo ? And how would it help in your future plans
Me- told them about the mandatory Subjects in Hr , Marketing and finance.. And how it would broaden my horizon. Then moved on to the faculty , their competence.. Told them about the entrepreneurship club's inactiveness at the college and my plans to make sure it becomes active. Then diplomatically moved towards the fees part. Was able to relate it to my goals pretty clearly. Told them that i had a ximb convert last year , could not take admission because of the financial issues,

P1- But you can always take a bank loan.. its easlily available these days ?
Me- Described if i take a loan of 10 lac rupees and in that case i will have to bear 15-20 k emi per month and how in long term it would effect my future goals as a fixed emi will keep me glued toa fixed earning format in jobs or even if it is a venture , it would keep away from taking risks and all that.

P1- Yeah i understand. It gets very difficult in those cases.

P1,P2,P3 discussing among themselves and i was told that i can leave.

A marathon interview . Lasted around 30-35 Minutes..

Not expecting as

A poor written rank (122) + An average gd + A below average summary + An awesome interview = Very low chance of making it to the final list
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