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post your sources for quant,english grammar,gk,lr which you think is known by few people and a lucid one..plz dont chit chat or any activity like productive and get can also post your queries or post q's like on other threads..but no placement questions,interview, and related ones.happy posting <smiley data-src="/emoji/smiley.png" alt="smiley" title="smiley" class="emoji" data-sigil="lazyload emoji" data-cdn="sm"></smiley>

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Prepvelvet. Com for quants and gk articles.. Totalgadha.. Iquanta.. Wordpandit 

Founder : Prepfocus | IBPS PO IV: Corporation Bank, SCORE : 103/52.2
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I have written names.. Links hote tab spam hota 

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@Shubh.i thik hai

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