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Six activities- A,B,C,D,E and F- need to be performedtime required is given in tableActivity TIME TO COMPLETE (in min) Activities to be performed before
A 50 _
B 60 A,C
C 45 _
D 40 B,C
E 30 D
F 20 B
Assume that two or more activities can be performed simultaneously.

1) Find the minimum time in which all the activities can be completed.
a) 180 min b) 175 min c)195 min d) 225 min
2) if the work is to be completed in the least possible time, then what is the maximum possible time gap between starting the activities D and F ?
a) 20 min b) 40 min c) 50 min d) 80 min

3)Now, two new activities Y taking 10 min, and Z taking 30 min- are included. If Y and Z are to be completed before A and D respectively, then what is the least possible time in which the entire work is completed?
a) 205 min b) 210 min c) 180 min d) 190 min

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