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Hi puys, This thread is not for asking cutoffs/admission queries or aplication procedure. This thread is *PURELY "**A REPOSITORY OF* *SNAP 2007 QUESTIONS*." *No Discussion is allowed here.* *IF U RECALL FULL QUESTIONS FOR ANY OF...
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hiiiiiii all frnd
my expected score in snap 07 is b/w 140 to 145..............wat r chances plz help me which colleges i sud apply...........wish u all very happy & prosperous new year..............................plzplzplz reply soon

are you'll gonna top buddy........colleges will come to u asking for admissions.......
but this forum is for discussing ans for the snap paper 2007....strictly...
so pls refrain from asking all these ques.....its better u goto another forum for it......
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hiiiiiii all frnd
my expected score in snap 07 is b/w 140 to 145..............wat r chances plz help me which colleges i sud apply...........wish u all very happy & prosperous new year..............................plzplzplz reply soon


Are u joking wid us... i mean 140-145... thats huge... apply to SIBM,SCMHRD and SIIB... all will give u call for sure... i think this is the highest score so far in PG....
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hi guys
iam in a big mess. my snap was pretty decent. expecting a score of around 70 to 75 but there is a big problem. My co-curriculars are just NIL!!!. Seems like i wasted my life doing nothing till now. The last certificate i got for anything was in 11th standard or so. Now while filling the SIBM form it was no problem because they never asked anything about co-curriculars. But in SCMHRD they are asking for your whole background. They are asking for every small detail!!!!. I was really counting my hopes on SCMHRD but now it seems to be impossible. If you guys have any suggestions pleaseeeeeee let me know.
Thanks. :nervous:
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My score 90-110....
Do u guys think dat i cn get call 4m sibm & scmhrd???

yeah u will.......into SIBM......if the PT keys hold true......
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The probability 1 for 28 days month is not 3/48 for sure.
It doesnt take into account that every 400th year is a leap year.

According to this the answer has to be none of these.

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My score 90-110....
Do u guys think dat i cn get call 4m sibm & scmhrd???

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Thanks dude fr ur effort....

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There are different criteria to award a port as the busiest.So what would be the answer?

Please check the link-

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Monday June 18, 05:21 AM
Shanghai seen overtaking Singapore as world's busiest port
Click to enlarge photo

SINGAPORE (AFP) - Shanghai is set to overtake Singapore as the world's busiest port in 2008 as the Chinese economy continues with its stellar growth, an executive of the city-state's port operator said in remarks published Monday.
Flourishing global trade has enabled Singapore terminals to handle a record number of shipping containers in May, but volumes in Shanghai are growing faster, Kuah Boon Wee, chief executive of PSA for Southeast Asia and Singapore, told the Straits Times (news) . "It's a function of their growth and China's exports are surging," Kuah said. "But even if we're not number one, we will still be a significant player in world trade." Chinese state media said last month that Shanghai has overtaken Hong Kong to become the world's second largest container port in the first quarter as containers handled rose 28.1 percent from a year ago. In the first three months of the year, Shanghai Port processed 5.9 million TEUs (20-foot equivalent units) while Hong Kong handled about 5.5 million TEUs during the same period, up 2.3 percent from a year earlier. Shanghai Port had been the third biggest container port worldwide after Singapore and Hong Kong since the end of 2003. Its container throughput capacity has kept a growth rate of over 20 percent in the past three years. Kuah said PSA Singapore Terminals moved a record 2.28 million containers in May on the back of robust global trade. In the first five months of the year, PSA handled 10.79 million containers in Singapore, up 14.42 percent over last year, he said. "Areas such as Eastern Europe, the Baltic area, the Middle East and of course China, all showed strong growth in trade this year," he said. "We have been working very hard to find ways to help customers make incremental growth in their business so that they will continue to increase their volumes here." PSA Singapore Terminals is the flagship terminal of PSA International which is owned by state-linked Singapore investment firm Temasek Holdings. PSA International handled record container volumes of 51.29 million TEUs last year, 18.6 percent more than in 2005. Its Singapore terminals handled 23.98 million TEUs last year. The port operator earned net profit of 1.21 billion Singapore dollars (786 million US) on revenue of 3.74 billion dollars. PSA is one of the world's top port operators with facilities in 15 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Email this article - View most sent articles - Blog via Y! 360 - Print this page - Add AFP News to My Yahoo!
- More From > Previous article : Airbus, Boeing begin dogfight at Paris Air Show ( AFP ) Next article : SKorea's LG files patent lawsuit against Hitachi ( AFP ) - Full Coverage : World Economies - Full Coverage : World Economies - Full Coverage : Business News for Mobile Previous article : Business News for Mobile Previous article : Emirates, Qatar Airways to order A380s at Paris Air Show: source ( ) Next article : Flights resume at Brussels Charleroi after strike suspended( )

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Hi puys,

This thread is not for asking cutoffs/admission queries or aplication procedure.


No Discussion is allowed here.
Only one post per person allowed here. Edit the same post when you remember new questions.

I will edit this post accordingly on regualar basis.

Lets make this thread useful for SNAP 2008 takers.

Thanx to all Puys who helped me to compile all SNAP answers and their respective questions.

List of questions frm all the sections:
Quant sections:

1. 20 sec for train

2. 7% SI

3. 6000 at 6 % SI

4-5-6) Rice to wheat wala set : 4.8 , .65 and Rice production > wheat for 3 yrs
7) There is a triangular park, with a traiangular flower bed
in it. The bed is surrounded by a path. The sides of the
bed are half the size of the sides of the park or the sides of the
park are twice the side of the bed. what is the ratio of the
area of the path to the area of the flower bed.

The answer is ratio of path/ratio of flower bed = 3/1.

Bags I, II and III together have ten balls. If each bag contains at least one ball, how many balls does each bag have? Decide
whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the question.
Statement (1): Bag I contains five balls more than bag III. Statement (2): Bag II contains half as many balls as bag I
Ans.BOTH statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are sufficient to answer the question asked, but NEITHER statement ALONE is
sufficient to answer the question asked.

9) The profits of Biscuits India Ltd soared by 32% in the year 2006 07 as compared to year 2005 06. By what % did Biscuits
Indias Sales increase in 2006 07 compared to the previous year?
Answer: Both statements, taken together, are sufficient to answer the question, but neither of them alone is sufficient

10) f(-3) = 6

11. 50% of the days are rainy...out of rainy days 10% days we can see rainbow....what % of days we do not see rainbow. Answer: 95%

12-13-14) Train wala set...time strting with 0 to 2.5 hr = 65 km/hr speed after 2.5 hr, 40 + t/6 is satisfied equation and 75%.

15) CUBE cutted will nt be cube.....

16) orange and mango 15 and 17 rupees wala question..... ANSWER: 80 paisa

17) ladder and 5 meter wall question. Answer 7.25

1 Arithmatic progration of 1st 3 number,rest number wala question.... ANSWER: 3M= P+2N.

19) median(f)

20) find diagonal of sqaure with area 50 sq km= many got 10 miles but question was on kms....ANSWER: NONE OF THESE

21) some number: 11331111331 ..... Answer: Nither divisible by 3 or 11.

22) n= x+1 where x is product of 4 consecutive numbers. what can be n?? ANSWER: n is odd and perfect square.

23) Probabilty: 3/8

24) Escalater wala question = 93

25-28 ) Piechart DI= 23.5% , 12000 salary question = 56 crore,1360 added in admin dept and highest absolute change was in dept D.

29)the Laptop and the printer DS question:
Ans.Any one of the two statements (1) or (2) is sufficient to answer the question

30) EXAMINATION probabilty question.....Answer was 10800.

31) APRIL,JUNE,SEPT,NOV has 30 days and some has 31 days....what is the probabilty that 1 month has 28 days between 1998 - 2002. PLz correct me if i m wrong regarding this question. ANSWER was : 3/8

32)some children sitting in circular table at even distance between them....6th child is opposite to 16th. How many children are there??
Answer is 20

33) number of overtime hour and number of accidents had a linear relationship....i got 3 as answer

34) The lone DS question about bags and balls:
Both 1 &2 are required

35-37)DI based on candidates shortlisted on the basis of CV

38-40)DI Set last one based on stock market.

LR section:

1-3) Office wala set straight frm CL mtrl
1. Mr. T needs to be furthest frm Mr. Brar
2. Statement that will lead to change in arrangements wud be some1 strts attending telephonic calls
3. Smokers will seat at 1,2 and 3rd seat.

4) W will come in below line....(LOGIC = Symmetry....all letters in uper line were not symmetrical)

5) Census: 9,2,2 An old shakuntala devi puzzle.

6) 18 in 4 number answer. (LOGIC = multiplying 1st 2 digit and dividing them by 1/2 of below digit will give u answer)

7) It is possible to arrange eight of the nine numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10,

11, 12, 13 in the vacant squares of the 3 by 4 array shown below so that the arithmetic average of the numbers in each row and column is the same integer.
1 15
Which one of the nine numbers must be left out when completing the array?
a. 4 b. 5c. 7 d. 10

Logic: Add all the numbers in table and rest in comes to 106. Since all row and columns gets same Arith. mean the sum needs to be divisible by 3 as well as 4. If u deduct 10 frm total sum we get 96. which is divisible by both. Hence answer is 10.

8 ) Odd 3 figure out wala question.....given figure was rotating....Answer: 2,3,7

9) Three chests contain coins. One is labeled gold, a second silver, a third gold or silver. One chest contains gold coins only, another silver coins only, and the third bronze coins only, but all the chests are incorrectly labeled. How many chests must be opened to determine the contents of each?...

Answer: 3 possibilities.
1: Since all were wrongly labeled ... GOLD OR SILVER labe;s chest is bronze. hence answer is 0.
2: we need to open 1 chest only so that we will get whats there in rest of 2 chest. Hence answer is 1.
3: gold or silver label is wrong that means either gold is wrong or silver is wrong but not both. What if 3rd chest had label of "GOLD AND SILVER"?
So we need to open 2 chest.

10) JC follows only. (all wiseman are introvert something....)

11) 1 false statement and 1 right....swiming race: SWT.

12) Withdrawal side and balance left side need not tally.

13) No word can be formed with box containing 2 C's.

14) 6 ways to reach A to B.

15) triangle : 2 side and 1 side curved :: rectangle : 3 side and 1 side curved
(hope u get what question m answering)

16) Square missing was 1 with dark box at lower-right side.

17) Shankar and Jwala are both members of a Youth club, though they are not speaking to each other and refuse to work with each
other. Chuya, the club president, is appointing members to the fundraising committee, but she has resolved that she will not
appoint anyone without his or her explicit consent. Shankar tells Chaya, "I will not consent to appointment on that committee
unless I know whether Jwala is to be a member of it." And Jwala says, "I will not consent to be a member of that committee
unless I know whether Shankar will be appointed to it."
If all three of these people stick by these resolutions, then:
Either 1 of them gets selected or none of them.

18-20) Reunionwala/starting package wala set: Arvind was MD and 60000 was answer for other question and doctor.

21) A worker gets every 9th day as rest if he strts working on MONDAY then on which day he will rest for 12th time. WEDNESDAY

22) one visual question where an arrow had 2,3 and 4 lines attached with arrow of 3 kinds upward curved/downword curved and straight. simple to choose answer frm options.

23) 1 GF + 1 GM + 2 SON + 2 Duaghter + something. Answer is 7.

24-26) SCMHRD students and Newspaper reading question:
None of these in all 3 questions.

27) 1 question was on Dice....strted with there are 1,2,3,4,5,6 numbers on dice. I dint attmpmted so i dont kno the answer.

2 Critical reasoning question on coffee and cancer...

29)How many minutes before 12 noon is it when it is 27 minutes past 10 am?

30) Jaideep was given some money by his mother on his birthday. Jaideep spent all of it in five stores. In each store he spent one
rupee more than half of what he had when he came in. How much did he get from his mother?
Ans.Rs. 62
Verbal and RC:

1)Subtle = Insidious (we needed to answer synonym)
2)Neophyte = Veteran (antonym)
3)Caw = crow :: Bellow : cow
4)correct spelling : pediatrics
5)2143 sequence.
6)(,) after mother.
7)Wrong part was one which consist "WOULD" i.e. part 2.
8. AFTER wala question with 4 usage...answer was 1-3 (only 1 option had 1-3)
9)correct usage of almost (scooter hit me almost when i was crossing the road)
10)Fire: I answered fly. other options were stick/escape/engine.
11)Concerned authority.
12)Prevaricate/equivocal -Be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information
13)Malinger- argue (farthest was asked)
14)pray, prey and pry- 1st and 3rd sentences are correct
15)platform, generic- ,some method I guess,without brand name
16)cadence,din-->odd one out
17) Change the voice question.
1 Those are they/those are them .... Both r correct.
19) 1 more parajumble question was there.
20) Airport and checking wala question...where 4 sentences were given...and we need to find which 2 are of same meaning.
21) Which of the following words will fill the 4 blanks most no. of times -options
1)disabled 2)lame 3)crippled 4)Can't remember
Answer: 2
22-26) (TRAI)
1 question was of Idle curiosity means ..i marked curiouscity is idle...which seems wrong.

27-31) RC(Cornea) 1 of the answer was 76.5 % .,doctor used damaged eyes

32-35) Trade
36-40) one more RC....i think of entreepreneurship.

All 40!!

40 GK questions

1) Monsoon - temp of sea rises/reversal of wind
2) Rupaiyya - sher shah suri
3)Koneru Humpy - chess
4) Ind-Pak Express - Aisam Qureshi and Bopanna
5) Busiest port - Singapore
6) Largets selling newspaper - TOI
7) Phishing - PIN/password hecking something
CRR - Cash Reserve Ratio
9) Pak had FTA with which country ? CHINA
10) Some american studios getting trademark for Bollywood - Disney
11) Laloo ji Indian Railways - 20k
12) egg does not contain contains what? - vit C
13) mitsubishi - Hindustan Motors
14) How do u share ur views n other stuff - blogging
15) highest FDI in India - Mauritius
16) No. of chromosomes - 46
17) Mira Nair didnt direct - Earth
1 who was runner up at vice presenidential election - Najma Heptullah
19) Airport in Uk which was attacked - Glassgow
20) Reason for monks marching to Burma - Against military rule
21) 1 USD=1.4x EURO is wrong one
22) which BPO is biggets employer - Genpact
23) Moonlight sonata Beethoven
24) Starbucks - Moby-****
25) IPO scam - SEBI
26) Oil exploration was found in - Krishna Godavari basin
27)radio waves - ionosphere
28 ) world's largest economies - US,china and japan/US,japan,germany 29) In God we trust, everybody else bring data to the table - Narayana Murthy
30) Sugar free- Cadila
31) The chennai High court ruling was against - Novartis
32) Mittal one: OIL
33) Deal in billions$ =INFY ABN
34) Toy wala questiopn = MATTEL
35) Tayab, and other 2 ppl are famous painters.
37) Constituion doesnt hv : Planning commission
3 Governor general = 1950
39) UN wala question = Trusteeship council
40) all india radio.

PT has reproduced whole SNAP 2007 paper.....some answers are doubtable. Kindly refer to the questions frm PT file.

Download them frm here:
So rock on........and all the best.

the world's busiest port (frm 2005 onwards) is Shanghai port. give urself a -1/4 for that one.....:satisfie:
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