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Hello Friends,

Through this thread we hope to address your queries related to SIMSREE. Feel free to ask what you need to know and we will try our best to answer them!! 😃

Also, PFB the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


1. How to apply for SIMSREE?

Admission to SIMSREE is through the Centralised Allotment (CAP round) for both MMS and PGDBM Courses. You are required to give CMAT/CAT, post which there will be a common GDPI round. Post that you are required to fill in a centralized allotment form with your preferences for various colleges. The details and dates for the same will be available on ..:: Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State, Mumbai ::..

Process for Admissions:

1. Appear for CMAT (Maharashtra students) or CMAT/CAT* (All India students).

2. A common application to be filled for all the colleges under Mumbai University. The dates for the sale of this application should be updated on the DTE website. This form would have the login credentials to the DTE website. Using this login credential, you need to apply for the common GDPI process. All the further process information will be available on the website.

3. Once you get the final Score card which includes your Written exam, GDPI, academics and Work Experience scores; (The percentage of each has been shared in a previous post) you are required to fill a CAP (Centralized allotment Process) form with your preferences for colleges (Since there is a single process for all the colleges under Mumbai University).

4. There are 3 CAP rounds. In the first two (2) rounds by Centralized Allotment the eligible candidates will fill separate Online Option forms for respective rounds. Third round of CAP shall be conducted by way of counselling only for the eligible Maharashtra State candidates.

5. All candidates who have secured an allotment out of First Three Options in CAP I will not be eligible for subsequent CAP rounds irrespective of whether the candidate confirms the admission or not. All candidates who have secured an allotment out of any one of the options in CAP II will not be eligible for subsequent round.

Note: The information given is on the basis of how the process happened for CMAT last year. If there is any change in the same this year, we will update as soon as we are aware of it.

2. I don't have Maharashtra domicile can I apply?

Students outside Maharashtra can apply for the all India seats. Last year there were 18 All India seats for MMS and 6 All India seats for PGDBM courses

3. What is MMS? I have heard about PGDBM is it the same?

MMS i.e. (Masters in Management studies) is the Management degree offered by University of Mumbai. PGDBM (Post Graduate diploma in Business management) is an autonomous course offered at SIMSREE and it is offered by The Government of Maharashtra. The selection process, curriculum and the placement process for both are the same.

4. Which Scores are considered at SIMSREE?

The admissions at SIMSREE for both MMS and PGDBM, happens through the CAP. Till last year, the Maharashtra state candidates were required to give CET while the ALL India seats were filled through CET, CMAT or CAT scores. But since CMAT has replaced CET and it is an All India level Examination, there is a probability that CAT may not be considered for All India level seats either. But, this is a mere speculation and DTE is yet to come with a detailed notification to the effect.

5. What were the cut-offs last year?










Maharashtra students-226


6. What is the seat distribution at SIMSREE?

MMS HU – General 38, Reserved 46 (includes PH candidates) OHU – General 9, Reserved 9 (No reservation for PH candidates) AI – 18 (no Reservations) PGDBM Maharashtra state candidates – General 25, Reserved 29 (includes PH candidates) AI – 6 (no Reservations)

7. The batch strength is of 180 students, while the placement report is for 107. Why the discrepancy?

The seats have been increased from 120 to 180 just last year i.e. ours is the first batch of 180.The placement report is for 120 students. And the others not included have either taken up an off campus job or opted for entrepreneurship. 8. What are the tuition and hostel fees per year?

The tuition fee is Rs.69000/- out of which Rs.2000/- is refundable. And the hostel fee is Rs.8k per year.

9. Do we need to fill a separate form for PGDBM?

No, the admission for PGDBM at SIMSREE will be through CAP round.

10. What is the weightage of academics and work experience in the overall score?

The expected distribution of marks is as follows,

CMAT - 400

GD - 34

PI - 34

10th - max 4 (greater than 75% -4 marks; between 75% and 60% - 2 marks , less than 60% - 0 marks)

12th or equivalent – max 4 (greater than 75% -4 marks; between 75% and 60% - marks , less than 60% - 0 marks)

Work Experience – Max 4 (greater than 3 years – 4 marks; 1 – 3 years – 2 marks; less than 1 year – 0 marks)

PS: All the information provided are with respect to how the process happened till last year.

The placement reports are as attached in the “files” section. The same can be found on our website – SIMSREE


# SIMSREE Introduction

Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE) Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediais an Institute for Management Studies under the University of Mumbai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, named after the then governor of Bombay Lord Sydenham. SIMSREE was founded in 1983, 70 years after Sydenham College - the first college of commerce in Asia - was established in 1913.

The institute enables student development not just through academics but through over all personality development by involving students in various committees and forums. SIMSREE is an institute that is completely student driven. Following are the committees and forums handled by the students and encouraged by the faculty.

· Placement Committee

· Alumni Committee

· Media and Corporate Communications Committee

· Student Events Committee

· Student Social Responsibility

· Sydenham Management Review

· Corporate Relations Committee

· Entrepreneurship Cell

· Marketing Forum

· Finance Forum

· SIMCon (Consulting Club)

· Utkarsh Mutual Fund

To know more about SIMSREE, please visit –

Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

# SIMSREE faculty (Visiting and fulltime)

The teaching faculty at SIMSREE consists of a good mix of visiting as well as permanent faculty. Most of the visiting faculty come from the Industry and bring along with them a wealth of practical management experience. Eminent personalities like Mr. Sandeep Gokhale, President of JSW Steel, Mr. Bharat Nadkarni - Head CSR TATA POWER, Mr. HP Ranina - Corporate tax lawyer, Mr. S. M. Fakih – Manager, Project Development, BASF India Ltd., Mr. Darryl Cabral, Director at HR Total Solutions are the visiting faculty and we have a very good full time faculty.

# SIMSREE infrastructure

SIMSREE library collection comprises predominantly of literature pertaining to Business, Management, apart from academic related books. Also, we have subscribed various national and international magazines related to Business, Technology, Marketing, etc. SIMSREE has a fully equipped computer lab. The new auditorium having the capacity of 180 students is an addition to the well-equipped infrastructure of SIMSREE. It has very good classrooms, conference rooms and an open air cafeteria.

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