Reposting my brief article from other thread.

Finally, the D-Day is here.

The day that will be the culmination of all the effort put through those late nights and early mornings. Its the day you have been waiting for since the past year, or maybe more. I know you'll all make sure it's worth the wait.

A few pointers, in case you find it useful:

1. MOST IMPORTANT: Please please make sure that you are well rested. It sounds easy, but trust me, many of you won't be able to sleep  the night before. Happened with me. And a lot of others. I wasn't able to sleep for a minute before the exam. Trust me when I say this, your mind will be cluttered with thousands of thoughts on the night before exam. You'll have to make sure you get ample sleep.

2. ‎The hardest part of the preparation is over. Believe me, you couldn't have been better prepared, contrary to what most of you may be thinking right now. You may choose to chill or to revise some basic formulae tomorrow. Totally up to you. Just do whatever your gut tells you to do.

3. ‎A lot of you might be thinking of giving up right now and trying again next year. I would quote someone for you: "You have not come this far to come only this far". Attitude is what matters right now.

4. ‎There might be many instances during the exam when you may feel like giving up. DO NOT GIVE UP. I repeat, DO NOT GIVE UP.!! Trust me, CAT gives you atleast 2-3 attempts to make a comeback. The battle is actually not lost till you leave that room after 3 hours. My strongest section, VA was bombed terribly as I was sleep deprived. But I somehow managed to perform decently in the other 2 sections.

5. Lastly, just keep in mind the reason why you embarked upon this journey. Keep it in mind always. It will give you that extra push that you will definitely need in the exam. If you are feeling short on motivation, you might watch a short youtube video: Time for War



Trust me, you'll be glad you embarked on this journey.

Waiting for you on the other side...

Bharat Khanna

PGP 2017-19, IIM Bangalore

CAT 2016: OA- 99.64 

VA: 94.11   LRDI: 99.78  QA: 98.98 

 CAT'16: 99.64, Converts: IIM B, C, K, S, FMS. CAT'15 : 97.91 Converts: IIM I, IIM S
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