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Those who gave CAT last year, can you guys please help me out in the below queries: 1. In the on-screen calculator, was the √ under-root function available? 2. Was the calculator allowing the candidates to do long lines of calculation simultaneously? Like if I have to calculate (7 + 239 / 23 - 21 + 3) would I have be able to input these numbers and operators one after the other to get the entire calculation done? Thanks in advance.

CAT 2019: 99.98 | IIM C 2020-22
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@IIM_Groot  ·  6,362 karma

1.Yes sqrt was available 2.No it won't be a problem but it will do so continuously like if you input 729+76 It will add the 2 and then you can employ the next function/input

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@fTheWorldIIM Calcutta  ·  378 karma

Thanks bro.

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