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Please post your GE/PI experiences here. Request you all to please follow the following format while posting. Date: Slot:GE process 1:GE process 2:PI:Overall process:Any tips/hints for further aspirants:
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@Aniket97 @venkataraman7 The admission process was really smooth! Kudos to the ART team for all their hardwork. I was sitting outside the room waiting for PI (the panel was colonel) to be conducted and that's when i met Aniket! Couldnt meet the rest but i believe everyone else was on their toes. The college is really awesome and i just hope i make it through

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P. S. Do give us feedback on the process, so that we can make it even better next time around. You could post here or just PM me or the other ART members.Also, thank you so much for all the positive reviews and comments. It feels great when everything you have worked this hard for comes together and is appreciated. :)

We will still be here and will answer all queries that you have for the time being.

All the best.
MBA HR (2012-14) || Aspirant Relations Team || SIBM Pune
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@ all: Hope all of you had the best possible GEs and PIs at SIBM Pune and that your process was smooth and glitch free. The Aspirant Relations Team and all the volunteers worked really hard to make sure of that. We are sorry for not having been able to answer a few of your queries over the last few days as we were swamped setting things up. We talked to the panelists everyday and they were quite impressed with the quality of the aspirants who came to the campus.
Lastly, all the best for the results and hope to see quite a few of you move to the SIBM Pune converts thread from here.
MBA HR (2012-14) || Aspirant Relations Team || SIBM Pune
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this has been bothering me and a lot of other candidates as well i guess.can anyone tell us wat do the panelists look for or judge u on d basis of in a group discussion and a personal interview??
plz reply!!
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Date 4/2/2013
Morning Slot

GD1:interpretation on pictures given. Was told to write in bullets in around 3 minutes and then everyone was told to read out loud their answers. Topic: Science vs Religion

GD2:Topic: Is Direct Cash Transfer better than subsidies?
NO fish market!! The GD continued for long, grp made all relevant points and we all were waiting to be told to stop.

2 Panelists1: Male - corporate, engineer Enterpreneur and P2:Female- ex-SIBM faculty, a very sweet person
Very nice Panelists. Both were smiling all the time and made you feel at ease.

Tell me wat you like the best about company?
Wat are ethics, the values?
Work profile when you joined, work profile now?
Hobbies in spare time?
Wat kind of painting?
Why people make World record, wats the use of growing nails, hair, etc etc, dont you think its time waste?
5 year down the line? Your goals?
Your Idol?
Everything about Office Project and significant improvement and ideas I implemented dere.
Which field?
Any other calls?

Extempore topic: If you get a chance to change any past event, wat will you change and why?

The Process was very smooth and very wonderfully managed by SIBM students, very helpful and make you feel at ease. And yes the campus is really like a Resort 😃

This is one Interview, am sure everyone is going to enjoy 😃

Best Luck 😃

Verdict: Converted 😃

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Date: 2nd Feb morning slot.. ( had to travel to Bangalore for IIFT on 4th.. so the delay.. apologies).

Reached the institute at 7.45 am and needless the say the campus is one-of-a-kind..
Once we enterd the hall, we were made to sit in different groups. Verification of docs and other stuff was taken care of with the least amount of fuss and the Asp. Relations team showed a video too ( nice work).. Hats off to the team for ensuring such smooth running of processes.

Had my GD-1 at 10.. 2 members were absent from our group. Panelists were very cool and (needless to say) eminent personalities too.. Started off after our intros. Had loads of time to socialize with my group mates and that really helped in having a proper GD.. Our batch -in-charge was also very helpful. Was very patient and answered all out queries. kudos bro..
We were given 5 pics, and we had to write a summary/inference in 3 minutes and then we were to give a presentation

GD-2 had a topic based discussion. Topic was an abstract one.. But, the topic ensured that the GD remained active throughout no fish-market scenario( maybe cos of lesser no of studs or cos of the initial socializing factor OR MAYBE BOTH) and the panelists were very patient and encouraging throughout.. (even when we bluntly put across a couple of mistakes, they nodded pleasantly, albeit sympathetically ) lasted for 15 minutes and everyone was given a chance to put in any extra points at the end..

PI started soon after.. I was the third in my group. My Panelists were a lady with a charismatic smile and loads of presence (LS) ( typically what one would associate with a well-respected personality) and a gentleman in exec dress (GE)( needless to say, looked every bit a professional )

after the initial formalities, the interview started

LS: so, God's own country!!
me: yes, madam
L: Who gave kerala that name, Vineeth? (Now I was expecting a juicy full-toss but I get this well-disguised yorker)
M: said
G: You chose Mr. Modi over other candidates in ur form. What was your de-listing criteria?
ME: (baap re, yeh kya yorker ka margin free market hai?) gave an answer by following the reverse engineering concept which has served so well during the exam times . they seemed satisfied
L: Tell me why you love sports so much. You threw away a Government job too.. Why?
M: said with reasons
G: If I was given a chance to become CM of my state, what would be the three things on top of your wishlist?
M: Sports (of course) and two other suggestions and since one of my suggestions had a hint of politics, I got another question which I quote, " So you are saying that your present political system doesnt support industries?" (Moral: please know what you are talking about)
L: one sentence to describe your city
G: What is ur interested area of spec?
M: Marketing
G: Why?
M: said
L: Engineering to Bank to Sports and now Marketing? Dont you think u r pushing it a bit ?
M: told them about my experiences in all the fields and listed out my reasons for marketing. Since it was a matter-of-fact answer, I felt it was the best I could hv given
L: Dont you read?
M: Yes, madam
L: What was the last book you read?
M: The Millenium Trilogy
L: Oh the Swedish author. Who translated it to English?
M: (I thanked my best friend who googled it up when I was on my way to SIBM-P) said
G: Ok Vineeth, pick a lot..
Got the topic, " should the salary of CEOs be raised in the current economic scenario?"
had no clue whatsoever. But, was able to gel it in a decent manner, i felt.
that was that..

I kind of just made it to the interviews and overall my second stage processes were on an average range. Not expecting any miracles, but till the result comes, I am also a candidate waiting for the results

My best wishes to all
ps: had a good chat with some of Admissions Team members and it was heartening to know that the campus has got a pro-sports culture..

resting peacefully and piece-wise continuously. attack of senor Felis domestica
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by what time morning interview gets over?

got bus to catch
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ok so here is my experience..hope it helps u ppl..:)
Date:3rd feb
GE process 1:my group was a little like the taciturn types..i had to do the speaking on most of the occasions including summarixing and was something of a picture showing poverty..children begging..playing on piles of and kalam's book on milllenium 2020..:/..pretty decent points were put up by the group but many were not willing to speak even when i asked k if u want to go on please do..but he politely turned me down..:P(brownie points for me..:P :D)ps note:the format was similar to wat has been mentioned in the above mentioned posts..everyone was asked to write and speak what they inferred from the picture and what followed was the gd..:)(brought up the point of csr in the end..seemed relevant..:P )
GE process 2:same they said that this a proper gd..perhaps an indication that participation needs to be high from others too...lynching of art and culture has become a popular sport in india..the guy who had to speak first didn't know a bit about he peeped into my notebook..:O..but i kept on writing..had 2-3 points to speak(wanted to save the best for the main discussion)..:D..again..after we were done reading we had to talk about it..again they were looking at me..and I took the initiative of starting the discussion..good gd again..more participation..popular examples..vishwaroopam..ashish nandy..but it was more centered on politics..i said its not just the politicians but also us who are responsible,,blah blah..again nobody concluded..i chipped in here..:)
PI:old guy(og- seemed pleasant and nice) middle aged guy(mg)
shook hands with both the guys and asked whether i can sit or not..(pleased by this gesture of mine)
og:tell me about yourself
mg:what work do u do(just 6 months experience ..was a little surprised..)
mg:3 questions based on c(language used)
og:why mba?
og:which stream?
og:why finance?
og:something on taxing the rich is a good move or not??(i said good..)
mg:what project in ur job?
mg:what is lte?explain(impressed him..)
og:pickup the chit and read out and then speak..:D
(despite legal enactments the dalits still are subjected to humiliation)
I forgot to read it out, had to be reminded()..wrote for 30 sec..spoke for 2min..and then mg was about to say bye when og stopped me
og:which calls do u have?
mg:what are ur preferences?
mg:on what criteria(a good answer here)
shook hands with both..smiled..i could see that they liked my smile....and took off..
Overall process:awesome...brilliantly coordinated...panelists never really grilled u..but mg was a little stern looking..but was in no mood to grill me or mock at was decent campus..:D..
Any tips/hints for further aspirants:trust me..going with an open and relaxed mind helps..panelists make u feel very comfy..
I wrote it even when i was busy with my office ka kaam..thought i owe a lot to this awesome of luck ppl..have faith n phoodd do..:D
verdict:optimistic but not satisfied..:D
cat:95 iift:47 snap:99.525 xat:98.12 calls:sibm-p XLRI schmrd ximb imt-g imi.converts:
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Date:5th feb

GE process 1:
4 photos were given. One was of the abysmal condition of roads in india. 2nd one was about the mumbai floods. Third one was about the recent northern/eastern electric grid failure. Last one was a photo of the 'Chandrayaan' mission.
We were all given a chance to speak in sequence. We all spoke for about 2 mins and then the actual GD process began. Quite a good GD. All boys GD. Everyone got a chance to make their
point. All of us made 3-4 entries each. No trace of a fish market. :D

GE process 2:
Next topic was 'Globalization does more harm than good for developing countries like india'. Good topic. Everyone spoke. Well organized GD again. If anyone from my group is reading this, KUDOS to our group!!! :D


P1: Introduce yourself.
A: Told them that contrary to popular perception, i am not a bengali but a maharashtrian. The same panelist started conversing in marathi for sometime then. :D
P1: Do you read literature? Marathi/English? Any good marathi books you have read?
A: Marathi literature (was ashamed to say that i havent read any :(), english literature (told them the names of many books that i had read)
P2: The other panelist started asking me about why mba, why marketing, etc.
A: Explained my background, extra curricular activities, why marketing (linked it to my BE project) innovation. My BE proj was based on some traffic innovations so he asked me about traffic innovations in Mumbai taken by the govt.
Discussed at length about the impact of my BE project and how it would help the people of mumbai. Approaching the govt with the project and implementing on a large scale.
P1: (suddenly jumping in) What works of Rabindranath Tagore have you read?
A: (dumbfounded) Sir, i havent read any. I just know that he was a bengali writer/poet. A great one at that.
P1: What awards has he won? (again shifting to marathi) Any marathi literature awards?
A: (Shamefully) No idea sir 😞
P1: (Laughing) Ok. No problem.
P2: Pick up a chit from the bowl and start.
Picked it. Topic was 'Responsibility of media'
Started with the extempore after 30-40 seconds. Told them about the diff scams, trial by media, responsibility towards the public. Also focused on how they should not allege based on half truths and facts just for TRP.
Both panelists seemed quite convinced. :D
P1: Which paper do you read?
P1: Tell me today's headlines
A: (fortunately had picked up TOI on my way from mumbai-pune :D) Told him
P1: (grinning) Ok. Go.
P1 & P2: All the very best with your project and for your future ahead!

Overall process:
1.Breathtaking campus!!! Process went smoothly right from the start to the end. Absolutely no complaints.
Hats off to the SIBM seniors!!! Helped us all along the way. Told us about the process, panelists, questions to expect, SIBM programs, seniors, faculty members. Asked us individually about our future plans and based on that gave some advice for the PI process.
Waiting with bated breath for the results.

NMIMS MBA Batch 2013-2015
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Hey puys.. I had my GE/PI on 4th morning..This is my experience

1st GE - For this, we were given a sheet of paper with a picture of a church, a generator and the faces of jesus christ & Einstein combined with some flow chart which I couldn't find time to read!! 2 mins to write and then we had to speak whatever we had written. Later we were asked to discuss on the same.. It was a good Gd as I had an amazing group.. :)

2nd GE: Topic was "Who should be the next PM-Rahul Gandhi or Modi" . I had good knowledge about Modi so it went well I guess...

I was the first one for PI so long waits thankfully The panel comprised of an oldish man and a lady in mid 40s I guess. Friendly panel. Questions were:

1. Tell me something about yourself apart from what's in your annexure.
2. something about CSR
3. Why MBA?
4. CSR Head of your company?
5. Hobbies.. lots about it!
6. What do you do for the society?
Others I dont remember

Next was extempore- I picked up a chit and damn it read "Human history has been a race between catastrophe & ..... (dint get the word) !!" I was blank. Thankfully they asked me to pick another chit which was "India as you visualize it in 2020". This I spoke on well...

And it was over !!!

Since I didnt speak on the frst might go in negative for me

Lets see...
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