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@JDee SBS is a leading private institution in ahmedabad and also top ranking among India, the basic purpose of your PGDM: good education is very properly fulfilled at this place, as the faculty: both senior and associate professors are highly qualified, highly concerned and highly knowledgeable, the best place for pursuing your dreams of higher education, backed by an awesome administration department( you might think what is the use of admin to my studies but trust me, in MBA they are equally useful!!!). The Basics are right and but the problem lies with the frills attached... the highly boasted extra curricular activities, the other extra benefits are not at all upto the mark, infact below par.

The placements: prime reason for joining any b school, is a controversy but then i wont blame the college for it, if u have the right combination of skills and luck, u might get the best ones...

Just a tip: Dont judge any book by its cover
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hello....you said that sbs is ranked top among india so can i ask where is this shown and yeah one more thing can i get the details of the placement there in the clg and the faculty there..??pl help with this so that i can take a decision...pl let me know...

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akshit...check ur pm

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