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Plz post your essay/pi experiences in the format given below. PROFILE: Acads: X XII Undergrad Major - GPA/%age Work-Ex: NIL/Sector - Number of Years CAT %ile: DI Quant Verbal Aggregate Any other specia...
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hey hi puys...i dnt know when is the last day for the ew/pi process...but i guess i need 2 share with u my experience.....kolkatta 23rd 2pm.....had gone all the way from bhubaneswar to attend the process....i am really keen to get into sdmimd as it was one of my first choices but know wht will happen......
essay was gud topic"higher education in india needs drastic reform"....
but the pi process gave me jitters....i was asked question from my 3rd and 4th sem engineering...which i frankly dnt remember.....but it was different for everyone...i guess it was absolutely hard questions asked on currents affairs 2 me.....but others were asked...i dnt know wht will happen...but guys be prepared for anything under the sun...hope u guys rock unlike me....ATB

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Why are people not posting their experiences??

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Great initiative of starting a thread like this Well done !!

I'm sure this will help many of our aspirants !

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well,my PI is on 24th March.
Plz tell me how can i prepare fr essay writing.
moreover,i have 58 percent in XII th :banghead:
if asked,y poor marks in XIIth,wat shud be my answer?actually,the answer is dat i was residing in a hostel for my 11th n 12th,n i wasnt able 2 go along with the atmosphere,but is this reply corrrect??

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Hi guys,

Attended the process today.. Here goes my experience..

My profile:
Xth: 81%
XIIth: 94%
B.Tech Mechanical: 81.7%
Work-ex: 2.3 yrs in IT

CAT Score: 81.5 %le

Venue: Chennai
Date and Time: 13th 9.00 AM

The process started exactly at 9 and we were given a short talk, presentation and video of SDMIMD. Then we were given papers for essay writing. Its a SDMIMD exam additional sheet. We can use both sides and no word limit.

I wrote well, about the protests and moratorium by Mr.Jairam Ramesh etc etc..

The we were told to wait for the interview and ppl wud be called one by one.. There was only 1 panel.. 2 faculties from the coll..

In the mean time one senior from the passing out batch wud answer our queries.. We asked so many questions and GK questions which helped.. :w00t:

My interview process..
P1: Professor in Operations management..
P2: Another faculty..
M: Me :
M: May I come in Sir!!
P1: Yes comin.. have a seat..
M: Thank you sir..
P1: So Ragunandan, Tel me somethin about you.. (Busy seeing my certificates)
M: I told.. blah blah blah..
P1: So r u currently working?
M: No sir, I resigned..
P1: Y?
M: Had reasons, told him..
P1: Ok.. So tell me about ur work.. What is it about..
M: Told him..
P1: Y do u want to MBA?
M: Told him.. wanted to select ops.. But was bit worried cos he was a ops professor :w00t:.. but chaltha hai told him..
P1: Looks convinced and asks me you have scored well in the first 2 yrs and it slowly went down in the next 2 yrs..
M: :w00t: shocked.. Tried to manage.. told had to do proj work and papers so cudnt conc well on studies but scored decently.. .. dono wat he thot..
P1: So which is ur fav subject?
M: Ops Research.. (Thinking in my mind "whaaat, did I tel that??? Come on he is gonna screw u ")
P1: Ohhhh great.. So wat do u mean by linear programming and y is it called linear??
M: .. Goner.. Told I have heard abt it but not sure..
P1: Tel somethin about Ops research then..
M: To my surprise remembered one technique which we studied in 3rd yr.. Told sir, North-West Corner method sir :grin:
P1: Oh great.. So wat is it about?
M: Blah blah blah.. Finally told optimisation of a transportation prob..
P1: Thats correct..
M: (Very happy)
P1: to P2, Ullas u may continue.. (Till now P2 was meddling with his laptop looking into my app sheer I guess)
P2: So ragu, do u take interest in what happens around u?
M: (GK boss GK) Ofcourse sir!!!!
P2: Ok Ragu, which organisation heads and regulated the Capital Markets?
M: Waaaaat!!!.. Told SEBI..
P2: Good.. Who is the National Security Advicer?
M: (Happy that SEBI is correct from 'Good', dono if it is!!).. Dono sir..
P2: Ok.. and asked some ppl stuff like this..
M: Dono dono..
P2: Asked what did Dalai Lama tel US when he visited recently?
M: (Thinkin to tell asked some tea and a chair to sit ) Knew this so told him.
P2: What is the ongoing prob between China and google?
M: Knew this, Told
P2: What is UID?
M: Knew this, Told
P2: to P1, thats all sir..
P1: So Ragu, what are ur extra-currics?
M: Told singing, paper pres, social work, social networking stuff
P1: What paper did u present?
M: Told and told I won second place.
P1: Asked more about the paper since it was related one current issue (Ethanol blend fuel)
M: Told everythin. (P1 quite impressed)
P2: So have u got calls from other colls?
M: Yes sir, SIOM, Great lakes and this..
P2: Rate the colls in the decending order of pref..
M: SIOM, SDM, Great lakes
P2: Ok..
P1: So u have any questions to ask?
M: Yes sir, How is ops mgmt course in ur coll? do u have SAP-ERP training and six-sigma courses?
P1: We are in the process of implementing, it is difficult for us to have all those in the curriculumn but we encourage direct students outside for specail training.
M: Ok Sir, Thank you.
P1: Ok Ragu, thats it, Thanks,
M: Nice meeting you sir, shook hands with both and left.

It was a very cool interview guys for around 20-25 mins.. No need to get tensed.. be urself and answer boldly thats it..

Btw forgot to mention.. they gave coffee and good biscuits during the waiting time ..

All the best for ppl appearing in other cities.. Do well..


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Hi puys
Kindly give me details about how much time did it take for the whole session to get over?

Were u also made to be waited after your Session got over?

Kindly provide me an idea of overall duration right from the appointed time to the time when you left the centre..please??

i have my gdpi on 21 at 9 a.m.

Actually i also have another gd-pi @ 1:30 on same day in the same city. So just wanted to know whether i could be able to make it?

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X :95
XII :91
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:78

NIL/Sector - Number of Years :1 year in s/w(my father's comp)

CAT %ile:
DI :94.xx

Any other special thing abt u:nothing special!!!!!!!!!

VENUE:namma chennai

Topic:politics and entertainment always go together
Number of Ppl present:13(im the oly girl in the whole grp)
Time:20 min
Brief Snapshot of ESSAY:prepared well for current affairs didnt expected a vague topic like this and i wrote abt issues which happened in rajya sabha and i did one mistake here i wrote abt JDU MP s but quoted it as left party.... got confused with left party definition (which was asked later in interview i wrote a big essay but he correctly indentified the errors)

Panel Number:
Panel Members Intro:mr jagdesh and mr ullas

me:described abt myself ....but didnt do well as expected and sme question from my description part mr j:asked abt principle of management (which i had in my UG)
me:answered abt management and his functions
mr j: any management gurus ???

me:peter drucker,frederick winslow taylormr j:any management gurus in india
me:he he told that i dnt knw (mr j told ans for that is c.k .prahalad actually i read abt him but forgot)
mr j:asked abt left party
me:got confused and blabber something and finally told nt comfortable with politics
mr j:then asked abt left party in tamilnadu ,abt mr stalin and karunanidhi and how many times mr karu got elected as CM
mr j:top business school in world
me:harvard business excited and told abt ISB and told that it got 13 th ranking ullas corrected me abt ranking (it is in 15th ranking)
mr ullas:asked why mba
me:some gyan abt long term goal of developing my father s comp in to big scale and again some gyan
mr j and mr ullas:u r father is a business man without any mba degree so why u want to do??
me: some how tried to convinced them abt mba
mr j :asked abt women entrepreneur in india
me:told abt men but forget abt women (i read abt reddy sisters but still forgot)
mr j: asked abt women ceo
finally my interview got over but blabbered something abt left party screwed it nicely puys and seniors plz comment me on this

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copied from main thread


Hi Puys,

ATB to all for their PIs

Thanks mate, Even I was about to do the same.
Also one more thing, please be prepared for Acad's and Why SDM IMD question's. The panel is there for long interview's , so questions will come from all aspects.
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copied from main thread


Hi Puys,

Just came from my PI process.
Well here goes my experience.

Date and Time : First day, First slot aka 10th March, 9 AM.
Venue : RF college in Bangalore

Process started at 9 with a breif introduction of the panel , by the panel. 4 of the faculty members from SDM IMD.

So in all 2 panels, with 2 members each.
First thing was to sign in front of your name in attendance sheet.
Secondly was given a sheet of paper to write essay.
Topic was " Economic recession is actually good for India "
30 minutes for the write up. Enough time I must say.

Then PI followed.
PI: Faculty Member younger (P1), Faculty member old (P2) and me
(P1): Why less marks in 12th in compariosn to 10th.
(M): Told
(P1): You seem to be doing good in your work, why MBA then.
(M): Usual stuff
(P1): Native place and economy of that place.
(m): Told
(P1): What kind of work you do in office.
(M) : Expected question.
(P1): What all papers you had in Under-grad.
(M): Told
(P2) :(Silent till now) Can you tell me your nature of work ex again
(M) : repeated it
(P2) : Which other calls and why SDM IMD
(M) : Expected this question and had an answer ready for it.
(P1): Will you join SDM IMD
(M) (Why then I am here) Ofcourse Sir.

Followed it by any questions from us.

Then, Marks verification by the panel at the interview table itself.
Checking of CAT score card.

Process Over.

Relaxed and short process. Could have been even faster by having more faculty members checking mark sheets parallely.
But overall good experience.

ATB to all for their PIs

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Plz post your essay/pi experiences in the format given below.


Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Years

CAT %ile:

Any other special thing abt u:


Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of ESSAY:
Other Salient Details: Time given, and other stuff etc

Panel Number:
Panel Members Intro:

Any other relevant detail.

NOTE- PLZ POST UR EXPERIENCES ONLY.Dont flood the thread with irrelevant discussions and if you want to appreciate a candidate's good performance @ essay-pi - Use THANK YOU tab

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